Saturday, December 9, 2023

LGBT Groups Infiltrate Schools Across Country

‘ It is deeply concerning when adults leverage their position of authority over elementary and middle school students to advance social justice activism…’

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) All across the United States, Genders & Sexualities Alliance [GSA] clubs started to pop up in schools to further indoctrinate minors with LGBT propaganda.

The investigation that was exclusively revealed to the Daily Caller showed the extent to which these clubs infiltrated various schools under names like “Queer Straight Alliance,” “Rainbow Club” and “Affinity Group.”

Parents Defending Education [PDE] also revealed that the GSA network helps “Trans and queer youth of color use their collective voice and power to change the narrative.”

PDE said that some GSA clubs that were often billed as student-run groups have had educators involved in the group’s political activism.

Among the states where the infiltration was successful were California, Florida and Kentucky, the investigation said.

“These clubs definitely range from an after-school social club all the way to these indoctrination camps seeding this anti-racist woke ideology and using the kids as activists,” Ryhen Staley, a researcher at PDE, said.

He also added that a lot of people think that these clubs are not dangerous, which is not true.

“That’s what people think when they think of these GSA clubs. That it’s just a place where a kid that might be trans goes and they hang out and they chat. And by the way that could be true. But these other clubs, they go beyond that,” he said.

It was also revealed that some of these clubs provided information on pronoun use, while others coordinated with school officials to protest Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” law.

One of the clubs that is located in St. Paul, Minn., advocated for its school to mandate that teachers put stickers on assigned “Safe Spaces” and that they hold a Day of Silence to “protest the silence created by heterosexism and anti-LGBTQ bias in our society.”

In its investigation, PDE noted that the GSA Network receives donations from the Transgender Law CenterNovo Foundation, and Ford Foundation.

“It is deeply concerning when adults leverage their position of authority over elementary and middle school students to advance social justice activism. After-school clubs and programs should be focused on academic and social enrichment, not having the students evaluate how racist or transphobic their school is,” Staley said.

PDA encouraged both parents and students to submit tips on other GSA alliances at schools across the country.

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