Left’s Eco-Activism Lets China Dominate in Rare-Earth Minerals

Environmental activists and climate change alarmists have a dirty secret. Achieving anything close to a fossil fuel-free society will heavily involve rare earth minerals---much more than now.

US Budget Deficit Hits All-Time High of $864 Billion in June

(Associated Press) The federal government incurred the biggest monthly budget deficit in history in June as spending on programs to combat the coronavirus recession exploded while millions of job losses cut into tax revenues. The Treasury Department reported Monday that the deficit hit $864 billion last month, an amount of red...

Justice Ginsburg Back in Hospital w/ Possible Infection, Fever

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was being treated for a possible infection and was expected to stay in the hospital for a few days following a medical procedure.

Trump Admin Backs Off Deporting Foreign Students over COVID Closures

(Headline USA) Facing eight federal lawsuits and opposition from hundreds of universities, the Trump administration on Tuesday rescinded a rule that would have required international students to transfer or leave the country if their schools held classes entirely online because of the coronavirus pandemic. The decision was announced at the...

De Blasio’s NYC Sanctuary Policy is Freeing Violent Criminals

The NYPD arrests illegal alien criminals, and Mayor Bill de Blasio sets them free before Immigration and Customs Enforcement can take custody.

HAWLEY: Subpoena NBA Commish for Caving to Chinese

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., said he would support a Senate subpoena of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to investigate the NBA’s continued kowtowing to China.

Police: Texas A&M Senior Likely Put Racist Notes on His Own Car

A student at Texas A&M University made national media headlines and sparked social media outrage over racist notes that were placed on the student’s car windshield last month.

9th Circuit Blocks Trump Bid to Defund Sanctuary Cities

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that the Trump administration cannot withhold federal grants from California’s sanctuary cities.

‘Defund Police’ Movement’s New Goal: Win Local Elections

Amid the radical Left's recent race riots, ostensibly to address the issue of police brutality, a a political action committee is forming to back extremist local candidates who want to redirect money from police departments into other social services.

LA Teacher’s Union Won’t Reopen Till ‘Social Justice’ Demands Met

The largest teacher’s union in Los Angeles said they will not allow schools to reopen until the county meets a series of radical social justice-related demands.

WaPo Editor Demands Texas Rangers Change Team Name

Shortly after the NFL’s Washington Redskins and the MLB’s Cleveland Indians announced they’d be changing their team names, the Washington Post’s Global Opinions Editor demanded that the NFL’s Texas Rangers follow suit.

Schools Sue to Stop Ice from Deporting Foreign Students

Johns Hopkins University has filed a lawsuit seeking to block the Trump administration's decision to make international students leave the U.S. if they intend to take classes entirely online starting this fall.

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