Friday, June 21, 2024

High School Disciplined Special Needs Student for Using ‘Wrong’ Pronouns

'... she understands the basics of human biology. But they were trying to convince her to get it right...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Marina Vivar, a mother of a special needs freshman student at Glendale High School in California, raised her concerns when she found out that her daughter was groomed regarding LGBT sexual acts and forced her to go along with her aide’s “pronouns.”

“We’re not paying teachers… to push their agendas on children,” Vivar told the city council, referring to the incident when her daughter came home from school and explained to her mother what the lesbian sex act of “scissoring” is.

According to the exclusive report from the Post Millennial, when the mother reached out to the school to gain access to the permission slip she previously sent to opt out her daughter of these grooming sessions, she was told that the form “was never given to the office” and that the “forms online were never filled out.”

Additionally, Dr. Chris Coulter, Director of Teaching and Learning in the Glendale Unified School District, stated that Vivar, or any other parent, would not even be able to excuse one’s child from the LGBT indoctrination lessons.

However, this wasn’t the only time when Vivar’s daughter was forced to accept the sexually deviant ideology.

Since Vivar’s daughter has autism, the school district provides different learning resources for the daughter, including a personal aide to help her in class. This year, her aide decided to “identify” herself as a man and, since the daughter didn’t want to go along with the leftist narrative, she was constantly forced to “respect” the delusion.

“… she understands the basics of human biology. But they were trying to convince her to get it right,” Vivar said.

“They put her in the office several times to tell her ‘this is a man.’ ‘This is a man, this is a man’ over and over. I found out maybe about two weeks into this that this was going on.”

“She was at the point where she was in class self-harming. She would get a pen or a pencil and… dig the point of the pen or pencil into her leg,” she added.

The indoctrinators in school — the school principal Dr. Benjamin Wolf and a Public Information Officer, Kristine Nam — decided to gaslight the mother by pretending that grooming doesn’t happen in school, according to the Post Millennial.

Both statements blatantly contradicted the daughter’s comments regarding “scissoring” and Kelly King, assistant superintendent with the Glendale School District, openly talking about “transgender” staff members and how the “community” supported their so-called “transitioning.”

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