Friday, January 27, 2023
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Top Epidemiologist Slams Federal Health Officials for Acting as ‘PR Dept’ for Big Pharma

'When you play fast and loose with statistics trying to be plausible, that's not science...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) An expert epidemiologist slammed federal health agencies in an interview, calling out the organizations for acting like a “PR department” for companies manufacturing drugs and vaccinations.

According to Just the News, Professor emeritus at the Yale School of Public Health Dr Harvey A. Risch called out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Food and Drug administration for inaccurately reporting statistics as scientific fact.

“When you play fast and loose with statistics trying to be plausible, that’s not science,” he said.

Because of their inaccurate reporting, the bureaus were constantly corrected and lost the trust of many Americans.

“Where we ended up is that the government said, you know, ‘You won’t get the infection if you get vaccinated,'” he said. “That was untrue. ‘You won’t spread the infection if you get vaccinated.’ That was untrue.”

“It said reasonably that you won’t get sick or die from the infection if you get vaccinated,” he added. “That’s, as we are seeing, not true. The majority of people now dying from COVID are vaccinated.”

The latest debunking of the government narrative comes from a study that revealed N-95 respirator masks provide no better protection than simple cloth surgical masks.

“The idea that masks work, because you put them in front of your face — and the breathing looks like it’s going through it even if it’s going around it — that’s a plausibility,” Risch said.

“The only way to know whether it works or not, is to test the possibility with some actual measurements, an observational study or a randomized study,” he explained. “And those studies have shown nothing.”

Risch continued, explaining that there is no real evidence that masks are effective.

When asked how we fix this problem, Risch recommended removing financial incentives from government officials and publicly funded scientists—including royalties paid to them for assisting big pharma.

“What needs to be done is the people who are either incompetent … or that are doing things for reasons that are not objective, not scientifically objective, need to change careers,” he said.

“They need to move somewhere they can work for Pharma. Let them work for Pharma,” he added. “But we need objective people reviewing science, using good scientific processes in the regulatory agencies.”

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