Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Biden Filibustered Nomination of Black Woman to Fed. Bench in 2003

'So, race and gender, they only count if you’re thought to be a committed judicial activist, judicial leftist... '

(John RansomHeadline USA) President Joe Biden, whose party just tried to convince the nation that the filibuster was racist, did in fact use the filibuster to block the nomination of a black woman nominated to the appellate court by then-president George W. Bush in 2003 and 2005.

“Joe Biden filibustered and voted against Janice Rogers Brown — TWICE!  #SCOTUS,” tweeted political analyst Gayle Trotter, a Senior Fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum.

Biden is currently trying to revive his flagging popularity by keeping his campaign promise to nominate the first black woman as a Supreme Court justice as Justice Stephen Breyer has announced his retirement.

“So, this idea of appointing a black woman to the judiciary,” noted Laura Ingraham about Biden’s campaign promise, according to Brietbart, “he [Biden] voted three times against confirming her [Janice Rogers Brown] just to be a U.S. circuit judge.”

“I mean, this wasn’t even to the Supreme Court,” Ingraham added. “So, race and gender, they only count if you’re thought to be a committed judicial activist, judicial leftist.”

44 Democrats and one independent senator filibustered 10 of Bush’s judicial nominees in the president’s first term, according to CNN, using the filibuster.

One of the those senators was Joe Biden.

Democrats said then that any attempt to eliminate the filibuster would necessitate using obstruction for other parts of the GOP agenda.

“If the Republican majority eliminated the filibuster,” said CNN in 2005, “Democrats threatened to use Senate rules to push their agenda and disrupt the GOP’s — effectively slowing the chamber’s business to a crawl.”

Janice Rogers Brown nomination was approved by the Senate after bipartisan group of 14 senators agreed to let the nomination go forward, said CNN.

Since then the Democrats have tried to break the filibuster several times, most recently over Biden’s Build Back Better social legislation and the Democrat-proposed federal takeover of elections.

“With their voting rights legislation stalled and hanging in the balance,” said the New York Times this month, “many Senate Democrats are poised to try to significantly scale back the power of the filibuster, if necessary, to enact new voting protections over near-blanket Republican opposition.”

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