Friday, March 31, 2023
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CNN’s Tapper Tells Colbert He’s ‘Heard from Men Enough’

Liberal TV hosts bash Sen. Lindsey Graham as ‘Trump’s wingman’…

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) By all credible accounts, CNN anchor Jake Tapper and CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert have both X and Y chromosomes–and all the biological attributes that go with them.

As far as we know, both of the left-leaning television personalities also associate as being “men,” one of the top-two most prevalent among all 73 commonly accepted genders (NOTE: this number tends to fluctuate).

But despite the widespread popularity of masculinity and their own self-identities, during his visit to “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Tapper decreed, “It is true that this Sunday I felt we’d heard from men enough.”

Tapper was responding to a question about having an all-female lineup of guests on his own Sunday morning news show, “State of the Union.” The show was most noteworthy for the revelation from Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway that she is a rape survivor.

Also interviewed on Tapper’s show was Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee that held hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, last Thursday.

Democrats made hay of the fact that the large majority on the panel–including all 11 of its GOP members–were male. Despite the Republicans’ efforts to compensate by bringing in a female prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, to interrogate Ford, that decision also was met with derision on the Left, with author Stephen King, for one, calling it a “chickens*** move.”

Mitchell subsequently issued a report in which she questioned Ford’s credibility in several different areas.

Perhaps recognizing the irony of a situation on Monday in which the two men sat complaining about having heard from too many other men, Colbert quickly pivoted to promoting Tapper’s book.

However, the drive-by attack is one of many attacks on masculinity as liberals seek to impose a #MeToo narrative lens on the upcoming midterm election, with control of Congress at stake, which holds implications for both the executive and judicial branches accordingly.

Democrats have attempted to brand this midterm the “Year of the Woman 2.0” hearkening back (somewhat perplexingly) to the 1992 election that landed Bill Clinton in the White House.

While pointing out the many inaccuracies overlooked by the label, including Clinton’s extensive history of sexual predation, conservatives–both men and women–have fought back furiously against the barrage of attacks, decrying the #MeToo witch-hunt mentality as modern-day McCarthyism, and a perversion of justice and due process.

Lindsey Graham Delivers Scathing Rebuke of Democrats in Judiciary Hearing. 1
Brett Kavanaugh and Lindsey Graham/IMAGE: screenshot via Fox News

The emotionally driven responses of both Kavanaugh and Sen. Lindsey Graham during the Senate Judiciary hearing served as symbols for both sides of the unbridled id that backlash against the corrupt Democratic tactics has evoked.

Tapper and Colbert mocked Graham on the latter’s show–as have many–by hinting at innuendo about the bachelor statesman’s sexuality and questioning the sincerity of his political convictions.

“There was a lot of buzz about a number of Republican members of the House running against him in the primary, and now there isn’t because he has cozied up to President Trump,” Tapper said.

But just as the media lionized Graham’s longtime friend, the late Arizona Sen. John McCain, for crossing the aisle to attack Trump, Tapper and others have been quick to vilify the often moderate Graham for actually acting like a conservative.

“I also think he is a partisan Republican who does not like what the Democrats have been doing and all this,” Tapper said. “But in terms of going from McCain’s wingman to Trump’s wingman, I think it’s a question of, ‘Well, who was the presidential nominee in 2008, who was the presidential nominee in 2016—OK, I need to go where the party’s going.”

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