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SELLERS: The Ukraine ‘MacGuffin,’ or 6 Reasons We May Be Risking WW3

'This is getting very, very close to what I don’t want to have happen...'

(Ben Sellers, Headline USA) Republican lawmakers’ methodical, jigsaw-like piecing together of the many components in the Biden family corruption scandal can sometimes feel like Chinese water torture.

Last week, for example, there were at least two major disclosures from Congress that, due to previous leaks and investigations, may have seemed a bit anticlimactic:

In the House Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., officially revealed that the FBI knew the truth all along about Hunter Biden’s laptop before pressuring tech companies to push the abjectly false claim that it might be Russian disinformation.

Meanwhile, on other side of the U.S. Capitol, Sen. Chuck Grassley released a long awaited FBI memo confirming that then-Vice President Joe Biden and his degenerate son had demanded bribes as a quid pro quo in return for coercing Ukraine to end a corruption investigation into Burisma oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky.

Note the common thread in both: that the FBI was aware in advance—and actively sought to deceive the public through the omission of key information—about something that ultimately had a major impact in undermining the Trump presidency.

While the laptop confirmation would have swung the course of the 2020 election, the Burisma memo was exactly the exculpatory evidence needed to explode House Democrats’ first partisan impeachment campaign. That also impacted the election in a number of ways, some more subtle and indirect than others.


If, for example, the country had not been distracted by the bogus impeachment, it might have been able to prepare earlier for the coming pandemic—the warning signs of which began in China around November 2019.

Instead, it would take another five months before then-President Donald Trump, following his acquittal, would be able to shift his focus to the global health crisis by declaring a national emergency.

Democrats’ first impulse, of course, was to second-guess Trump by downplaying its severity, until they got the party memo that the plan was to leverage the virus to their own political advantage.

Without the pandemic threat, the Left never would have been able to push through the massive mail-in voting scheme that they actually had begun planning well before COVID-19 was on anyone’s radar (except, of course, for those who attended the notorious Event 201 conference, where globalists like Bill Gates predicted the pandemic a month before it happened).

That unbroken chain of events—leading from Trump’s July 2019 phone call with television star and newly elected Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, to the Nov. 4, 2020 theft of the election by a cabal of corrupt co-conspirators—may still be considered conjecture, but with the benefit of hindsight it has been gradually confirmed.

Thus, the question looms: If the FBI had the evidence validating Trump’s request that Zelenskyy reopen the dormant Burisma corruption investigation, why was FBI Director Christopher Wray so hell-bent on keeping it from public view at the time, and why has the Trump-appointed chief spook continued to fight against transparency in light of all that has happened since?


When taken together, the revelations about the FBI’s role in suppressing the laptop from Hell and burying the Burisma bribery scandal might just have chilling implications.

One could make the logical leap that, perhaps, the conspiracy to throw the 2020 election in Joe Biden’s favor was linked in some way to pre-existing extralegal Ukraine operations that the government was terrified Trump might discover.

As Biden himself confirmed in a 2016 conversation with then-Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko following Trump’s election, “This is getting very, very close to what I don’t want to have happen.”

Specifically, according to the audio recording made public last month, Biden feared that if Ukraine were to ask for additional funding, Trump might begin asking questions about what the money was going toward.

“I don’t want Trump to get in the position where he thinks he’s about to buy on to a policy where the financial system is going to collapse and he’s going to be looked to to pour more money into Ukraine,” Biden said.

It is also known that Biden made a secret trip to Ukraine just three days before Trump’s inauguration.

While some might assume he was just going there to collect his $5 million bribe from Burisma, I suspect something more nefarious was afoot on the banks of the Dnieper River.


Most people by now have read enough online clickbait to know that the once-obscure cinematic term “MacGuffin,” popularized by Alfred Hitchcock, refers to the mysterious object being pursued in many film noir stories—as well as in more contemporary movies, like Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski, that were inspired by them.

Oftentimes, the object being pursued itself becomes immaterial as the intrigue deepens and the stakes continue to rise, but it offers a convenient reason for the protagonists to get involved in such a caper in the first place. Thus, symbolically speaking, the MacGuffin is little more than a plot device for whatever launches the complex quagmire of unfolding action.

Ostensibly, the reason America is investing its considerable treasure to defend Ukraine in its nearly decade-long war with Russia—likely soon to result in more American bloodshed—is to protect “democracy.”

But with the Biden administration showing callous disregard for protecting our own democracy at home, that explanation is, as they say in Kiev, a steaming crock of лайно́.

With that in mind, any of the six theories below—or, perhaps, some combination thereof—may be the true reason that the U.S. has become immersed in its latest never-ending war.

While some may be a bit farther afield than others, all share the common trait that the  motive must be something important enough not only to warrant a costly and brutal global conflict, but also to justify the destruction of America’s core values by weaponizing our own intelligence apparatus against us and using it to install a fake leader who has long been on the Ukrainian payroll.

• Money-laundering

Let’s begin with the low-hanging fruit. Quite simply, Ukraine and its war are the ultimate money-laundering scheme. We have seen already several “clerical” errors that have led the Pentagon to funnel billions in unauthorized funding to this war effort. And yet, on the output end, the State Department has acknowledged there is no way of tracking how the money gets spent.

Taxpayer money goes in, bribes for Biden family members come out, but the rest remains a mystery. Is it any wonder that both the White House and Senate Democrats have adamantly refused any sort of formal oversight?

Nazi nation-building

It may have been Russian leader Vladimir Putin who propelled into public awareness the possible presence of Nazis in Ukraine. Indeed, the Azov Brigade, which has adopted some of the Hitler regime’s symbols, is accused of harboring sympathies for the Third Reich. But what if there were real Nazis pulling the strings behind these brown-shirts to effectively establish a Fourth Reich?

At least two powerful and influential men fit the bill: Klaus Schwab, the chair of the World Economic Forum, born in 1938, was the son of the director of a Zurich-based Nazi engineering contractor. And George Soros, born a Hungarian Jew in 1930, was a Nazi collaborator himself as a teenager.

Both have a strong penchant for nation-building in the Nazi fashion, mixing extreme-left collectivism with far-right statism to establish a New World Order in which the one-world government fulfills all the material needs of its serfs in return for their complete and utter subordination to it.

Such a utopian feudal-state would need its seat of government, which may explain why Soros has played such an active role in funding and coordinating Ukraine’s so-called anti-corruption efforts ever since the 2014 U.S. backed color revolution ousted its Russia-friendly government.

Meanwhile, the WEF has been eager to get in on the action, making Ukraine a major part of its 2023 agenda and inviting Zelenskyy’s wife to attend.

Bioweapons labs

Putin also was credited with launching the rumor that the U.S. was funding laboratories that were conducting bioweapons research near the Ukraine–Russia border.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t so easy to dismiss the claim as propaganda after longtime State Department official Victoria Nuland, widely considered to be the architect of Ukraine’s 2014 Orange Revolution, appeared to confirm it while testifying under oath before Congress.

“Ukraine has biological research facilities which we are now quite concerned Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of,” she said in response to a question from Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., as to whether the country had any chemical or biological weapons.

As the ranking minority member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, one of the privileged few in Congress to get regular security briefings, Rubio must have known the answer already.

It was subsequently alleged that Hunter Biden might have helped to secure $500,000 in funding for one of the companies conducting the research, Metabiota.

Child-sex trafficking

The issue of child-sex trafficking has only recently spilled out into the open, courtesy of the blockbuster movie Sound of Freedom.

Although the film focuses on the problem in Central America, which has been exacerbated by the Biden administration’s open-border policy, Ukraine is also a “notorious” longtime hub for child sexual exploitation.

The problem in Ukraine has been acknowledged by organizations like the United Nations and the U.S. Department of Labor, with the latter noting that three of the country’s top exports relying on child labor were amber, coal and pornography.

The U.S. State Department, meanwhile, insisted that while Ukraine did not “fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking” it was “making significant efforts to do so.”

Could Secretary of State Tony Blinken be directing his department (which includes under its purview the CIA) to cover up the crime scene?

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Justice Department (aka the FBI’s parent organization) likewise was accused recently of scrubbing portions of its website that related to child-trafficking.

It’s anyone’s guess why America’s ruling class would want to preserve a robust child-porn industry, but the proof’s in the grooming.

President Joe Biden has recently been accused of creating the “the largest child trafficking ring in U.S. history,” according to GOP senators. And it’s quite possible that when it comes to importing child sex slaves, there is a 10% cut for the “Big Guy.”

Hillary Clinton’s emails

The notion that Russia had more than a cursory role in meddling with America’s 2016 election has been examined and debunked repeatedly since the Hillary Clinton campaign first concocted its Russia-collusion hoax.

However, it is clear that the Democratic National Committee was actively working with the Ukrainian government at the time to defeat Trump.

DNC staffer Alexandra Chalupa, the daughter of two Ukrainian immigrants, led an effort to collude with the Poroshenko administration in obtaining dirt on Trump’s campaign—and ultimately succeeded in helping to bring down Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort.

“The Ukrainian efforts had an impact in the race, helping to force Manafort’s resignation and advancing the narrative that Trump’s campaign was deeply connected to Ukraine’s foe to the east, Russia,” Politico reported.

During his infamous phone call with Zelenskyy, President Trump later brought up the so-called cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, a paid operative of the DNC.

Trump appeared to speculate that the firm may have taken the hacked DNC servers to Ukraine after conducting a highly secretive and proprietary forensic analysis, which the FBI, led by James Comey, accepted in good faith.

Some have claimed that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was responsible for leaking the damning batch of emails to Wikileaks, and others say that Clinton campaign chief John Podesta accidentally fell victim to a routine phishing operation.

However, based on the FBI’s acceptance of its narrative, CrowdStrike’s claim that Russians had hacked the DNC stood as the smoking-gun evidence used to validate all that followed concerning the Steele dossier and alleged Trump pee tapes. And the hacked servers have never been seen since.

Could Putin be trying to clear his good name by recovering the long-lost mainframe? And what might the Democrats be trying to hide on it? Are the 33,000 emails that Clinton deleted from her private server still lurking in an abandoned data center somewhere in the Donbas region?

Larry Fink’s childhood sled

For anyone who has yet to reach the end of Orson Welles’s 1941 classic Citizen Kane, has never heard anything about the movie’s ending and is still expecting to be surprised by it, sorry in advance for the spoiler.

It’s no secret that BlackRock, the world’s largest investment asset manager, has become very interested recently in Ukraine, where it hopes to help engineer the Great Reset by rebuilding the country’s financial industry.

In order to do so, the $10 trillion company has even aggressively conspired to censor Ukraine critics like former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

BlackRock also maintains close ties to the Biden administration. In fact, board chairman Thomas Donilon, who served as national security adviser during the Obama administration, has made regular visits to the Biden White House.

And Brian Deese, who until recently was the director of Biden’s National Economic Council, was formerly BlackRock’s global head of sustainable investing—also known as ESG.

So perhaps BlackRock, like the FBI and others, had more than a minor role in helping to install Biden as president with the intention of advancing a grand strategy for Ukraine even before Russia’s 2022 incursion.

Since we know that the company’s controversial woke-investing practices have little to do with turning a profit for its investors, there must be some other reason BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has such an interest in that part of the world.

The answer: He is searching for his lost childhood sled and believes it may be traced to somewhere in the Mariinsky Palace, where he must rescue it before the Wagner Group leaves it in rubble.

Ben Sellers is the editor of Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/realbensellers.

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