Friday, December 1, 2023

SELLERS: Putin, Leftist Media Collude to Push Hunter Out of Headlines

The media has now made clear that it would rather help Putin than to harm Biden...

(Ben Sellers, Headline USA) Global alliances saw a sudden and remarkable shift on Saturday as a mercenary group once deemed despicable suddenly was rebranded as “freedom fighters.”

And with it, America’s mainstream media suddenly became, whether wittingly or unwittingly, the pawns of Russian President Vladmir Putin.

Or, to use the proper Soviet terminology, they became “useful idiots.”

On globalist networks like Fox News, there was wall-to-wall coverage of the advance on Moscow by mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin—whose Wagner Group seems a clear nod, in retrospect, to the Nazis’ Operation Valkyrie.

As if ripped from the pages of a Hollywood script starring Tom Cruise, both “Wagner” and “Valkyrie” saw the leaders of a de-facto reserve army who was in close proximity to the ruling dictator suddenly grapple with the prospect of turning against said leader in a mutinous plot. (Spoiler alert: Neither one succeeded.)

For America’s mainstream media, however, Prigozhin’s apparent coup was an earth-shattering breakthrough in the latest never-ending war, which was initially funded through open U.S appropriations and now appears to be getting bankrolled mainly through Pentagon accounting errors.

Fox’s weekend anchor, Arthel Neville, talked somberly and breathlessly with an analyst who identified himself as an ex-CIA official, underscoring the importance of the moment, even as the b-roll showed a bunch of troops just standing around in the streets.

But it quickly became clear that something didn’t pass the smell test.

As it turns out, Prigozhin—Putin’s friend of some three decades and sometimes referred to as “Putin’s chef” suggesting a level of deep trust in the man who might have poisoned the Russian leader at any moment—may not have been as disloyal as it appeared.

He has now relocated from Ukraine to Belarus—where, it just so happens, Putin recently deployed a cache of nuclear missiles. It is hardly the place one might expect to escape the clutches of a powerful leader against whom one just conducted a mutiny and assassination attempt.

While I don’t pretend to know Putin’s precise calculations, we are no nearer nor farther from the outbreak of World War III or the threat of nuclear annihilation than we were a couple days ago.

The same firewall that prevents Putin from mutually assured self-destruction is in place now that existed before his latest stunt.

Unfortunately, that firewall just so happens to be named Joe Biden, whose own brand was tarnished considerably last week, as if such a thing were possible.

What the media failed to cover as it momentarily obsessed over “Putin’s chef” was the now conclusive evidence that the American president knowingly accepted bribes from a top Chinese spy official and then proceeded to brazenly lie to the American people about it, which he continues to do.

The implications of this are truly stunning as they also unravel the pretext for the first Trump impeachment and everything that has happened since.

But the media has now made clear that it would rather help Putin than to harm Biden.

Fortunately, both those goals seem conveniently to have aligned, further calling into question the truth of everything we have witnessed since the U.S. first began openly supporting the war between Russia and Ukraine—which began under former President Barack Obama, not Joe Biden, as the result of a CIA color revolution in Kiev.

Putin is no dolt. Is he using the opportunity when he knows that the media is desperate for a change of narrative to give them what they want while achieving his own propagandist ends?

Or are he and Biden privately in cahoots, perhaps as part of an arrangement brokered by Zhao Xuejun, the head of China’s Harvest Fund Management, which partnered with Hunter Biden on a major business venture?

Zhau, the person on the receiving end of Hunter’s threatening 2017 WhatsApp message, happens to have ties to the CCP’s former “minister of state security,” who was “in charge of espionage, domestic and overseas intelligence work for China and spearheaded its “strategy of developing thousands of special agents on foreign soil,” the New York Post reported.

There is only one thing the public can be certain of in the current climate of layer upon layer of perpetual gaslighting: If the mainstream U.S. media is obsessing over it, then it is probably an utter lie.

Ben Sellers is the editor of Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/realbensellers.

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