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EXCLUSIVE: Former NATO Insider Rips Soros, Spills on Biden Emboldening Putin on Ukraine War

'They [Russians] plan to win by sending thousands of people who are willing to die because they really have nothing to live for...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) A former top-ranking staffer for NATO’s in Moscow confirmed that President Joe Biden’s presidency had, indeed, emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, and that the billions being sent to defend it was not all going to the correct place.

Gary Tabach—a naturalized American citizen who fled the Soviet Union as a child to escape Jewish persecution—spent five years working for NATO in Turkey and Moscow after retiring as a captain from the U.S. Navy.

He left his post as chief of staff at NATO’s Moscow mission in 2011 and founded Fort SEAL, a Pennsylvania-based cybersecurity firm.

More recently, Tabach has been on the ground in war-torn Ukraine, where he has spoken to troops about the situation there. In an exclusive interview for Headline USA, he talked about the war, Putin, George Soros’s propaganda machine, American perception of the Russian military and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s wife attending the World Economic Forum, among other things.

Tabach’s background, having been immersed in both American and Russian culture, makes him uniquely qualified to question the motives of both Western and Eastern leaders who, together, have brought the world to the brink of yet another world war.

In March 2022, Tabach told Tatyana Popova, a Ukrainian journalist, that after Joe Biden replaced Donald Trump in the Oval Office, Putin felt emboldened to invade Ukraine.

“Under Trump, he sat quietly and did nothing,” Tabach said, according to the transcript of the interview by the Kyiv Post.

“Oil prices were low and [the] Nord Stream 2 [pipeline] was blocked. Then Biden came along, Nord Stream 2 was unblocked, oil prices went up and Putin was invited everywhere,” he said.

Tabach also criticized Russian soldiers—and Putin, who sent them to invade Ukraine.

“Bombing and killing civilians and destroying infrastructure is not what the military does,” he told the Kyiv Post. “Soldiers fight against other soldiers. This is absolute terrorism and instills panic. Putin is paranoid and frankly psychopathic.

However, he clarified in the interview with Headline USA that he meant that Putin is not a crazy person but rather a power-hungry dictator.

“Power poisons people,” Tabach said referring to the longtime Kremlin leader.

“… He’s a KGB crook, and he thinks that everything belongs to him,” Tabach continued. “He wants to conquer the whole world. He’s like Stalin and Hitler. They’re all the same.”

He acknowledged, however, that while an evil megalomaniac on the Russian side threatened global stability, the so-called pro-democracy alliance had at least one evil megalomaniac in its ranks, threatning to undermine democracy from within.

Tabach pointed out a problem that both Americans and Ukrainians face: the powerful propaganda machine being controlled by Hungarian-born oligarch George Soros.

He said he thinks that Soros definitely controls the Ukrainian mainstream media—including famous Ukrainian bloggers like Roman Tsymbaliuk, Roman Skrypin and Yanina Sokolova.

“Ukrainian people are good people. They’re fighting in the war, and they want an answer,” Tabach said.

“And of course, those skim artists are ready to give them an easy answer,” he added. “And the easiest thing to do is to blame someone, so they blame Trump.”

Spreading his wealth and influence, Soros had succeeded in turning the former Republican U.S. president into almost as big a villain as Putin—even though Trump did more to support Ukraine’s resistance effort than his predecessor, Barack Obama, and no longer had any role on the geopolitical stage.

Trump “has not been a president for two years now, but they still concentrate on him to use him as a diversion,” Tabach said. “… And the easiest way to do that is to get the most popular talking heads in Ukraine.”

However, Soros is not the only one who has been able to deceive the population, he added.

Most Americans see Russia and its military as one of the world powers, especially compared to the current state of America.

While the United States military forces troops to get vaccinated, pushes Marxist ideology and releases woke ads that support sexual deviants adopting children, it seems that Russia does the complete opposite.

Even though Tabach didn’t deny that America now suffers from the woke virus, he also warns that Russians were “great at fooling people.”

“They once used their propaganda to fool millions, if not billions, of people in the world by selling them the socialist/communist utopia,” Tabach said. “They now use the same propaganda. They want you to think that Russian soldiers are masculine and strong.”

The reality, however, is different, Tabach said.

Volodymyr Zolkin, an independent Ukrainian journalist, became famous in his country for interviewing captured Russians, proving that the vast majority of people who fight on the side of Russia right now are untrained drafted Russians and prison inmates who were sent to war due to Russia losing its people on the battlefield.

He also added that Russians have not contributed to the world in any way, other than making outdated military equipment.

“Did they come up with some sort of a drug that helps people?” he asked. “A phone or a satellite? Any kind of medical equipment that the whole world uses? Maybe an electric car?”

Tabach then said that the only thing that makes Russians unique is the fact that they don’t value their own lives.

“They equate the numbers to strength,” he said.

“So yeah, 1,000 soldiers will knock down the giant because there are just so many of them,” he continued. “This is their approach. They plan to win by sending thousands of people who are willing to die because they really have nothing to live for.”

The topic of Russians fooling people led to the discussion of American leftists who suddenly started to support Ukraine after it was invaded.

He said they failed to realize that supporting Ukraine and Democrats at the same time didn’t make sense, since the latter are notorious for enabling dictators all around the world, including Putin.

“They listen to CNN and hear that Democrats are good and that they are for Ukraine, while Republicans are bad,” he said.

Tabach then mentioned the standard narrative of Democrats that Trump is pro-Russia, even though he put sanctions on Russia, closed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and gave weapons to Ukraine.

“‘Trump is evil and he’s the Russians’ friend,’ although it is Biden that keeps talking to the Russians, and it was Biden who’s been traveling to the Soviet Union while it still existed,” Tabach said.

He added that one of the major reasons why Putin decided to finally attack Ukraine was because of the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan—a suspicion shared by many American conservatives both before and after the start of the Ukraine invasion.

“We have never done anything like that,” Tabach said of the military’s de-facto surrender to the Taliban.

“We never ran away from Nazis or the Japanese,” he continued. “But now we run away from guys with beards, armed with AK-47s, who can’t read or write. We dropped everything, left our allies and treacherously ran away.”

The other major reason why Putin decided to invade Ukraine, according to Tabach, is because he wants to re-create the Soviet Union.

Russia’s past warmongering in Moldova, Georgia and Kazakhstan, all former Soviet republics, only proves this point, he said.

Russia also gained effective control of Belarus, another ex-Soviet republic, when its current President Alexander Lukashenko willfully became Putin’s puppet to remain in power in his country, Tabach claimed.

Although many conservatives in America have called for Ukraine to negotiate an armistice with Russia to avoid World War 3, Tabach said he thinks that shaking hands with Russians doesn’t work. He referred to the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, an agreement signed by the Russian government, in which it promised to not attack Ukraine and then ignored their promise by invading the country.

Tabach also addressed the conservatives’ concern that America should not send money to Ukraine—or any other country—because the United States has its own problems that it needs to solve first.

“We cannot be isolated for several reasons. One of the reasons is that this [war] will come to us eventually,” he claimed.

“And the second reason is even more important: We’re human beings,” he added. “From the moral perspective, we cannot stand and watch kids getting killed and crippled and say that we have our own problems. Before anything else, we have moral problems. Then we have all the other problems.”

He also addressed the concerns of some on the Right that Ukraine is full of modern-day “Nazis” and that Putin was actually a good guy due to his self-proclaimed “denazification” efforts.

“You bring these people to Ukraine. Tell them ‘come visit us.’ We’ll show you Bucha. We’ll show your Irpin. We’ll show you what the Russians have done,” he said.

“It’s all made up,” he added. “It’s all created by the Russian propaganda because they project something they do to someone else.”

Tabach then invited Tucker Carlson—one of the leading skeptics of the Ukraine war effort—to visit Ukraine, after mentioning his criticism of Zelenskyy.

“I’ll pay for his ticket,” Tabach said. I’ll show him around Ukraine. I’ll show him that he’s wrong about what he’s saying.”

Carlson has pointed to many of Zelenskyy’s wartime actions—such as suppressing political dissent and religious freedom—to question the current administration’s commitment to democratic values and, by extension, the Biden administration’s stated motive for intervening in the conflict.

Carlson “blames President Zelenskyy for getting rid of the Russian Orthodox Church,” Tabach said.

But Zelenskyy was right to do so, “because it was full of spies, and they were betraying Ukraine,” he said. “It was not a religious institution that stayed out of politics.”

He went on to note parallels between Zelenskyy’s suppression of pro-Russian media outlets and America’s own efforts in past wars.

“President Roosevelt did the same thing during World War Two,” Tabach said. “He shut down the enemy radio channels. He shut down newspapers in German and Japanese. When you are at war with someone, you can’t let them have their propaganda on your land.”

However, he agreed with Carlson and other conservative skeptics about one point—the danger of becoming too close with the globalist Davosie, which seeks to replace the current world order with one that abolishes property rights and other individual liberties.

He said of Zelenskyy’s wife, Olena, visiting the recent World Economic Forum that she and her husband probably do not realize that they are dealing with “the most dangerous organization” in this world.

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