SELLERS: Squad Radicals Seeking to Expel GOP ‘Insurrectionists’ Must First Sacrifice Swalwell

'If we allow insurrection against the United States with impunity, with no accountability, we are inviting it to happen again...'

Never has complete validation felt so awful.

The inauguration hasn’t yet taken place, and already leftist radicals running their party have made clear that the real agenda has nothing to do with trivial matters like nationalizing private industry, subsidizing infanticide and regulating cow flatulence.

Rather, it is all about exacting vengeance for their humiliation and silencing dissent.

The Swamp’s normal saber-rattling rhetoric has become elevated since last Tuesday’s Georgia runoff and subsequent pro-Trump demonstration at the US Capitol.

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Yet, the current impeachment canard is a typical Nancy Pelosi slight-of-hand to distract President Donald Trump and his allies from the critical work needed to safeguard America as ruthlessly calculating Democrats prepare for the next broadside.

It is not the 25th Amendment—which will be moot soon enough—but the 14th Amendment they intend to weaponize against their opponents.

According to ‘Squad‘ members including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, D-NY, and Cori Bush, D-Mo., Republicans who used a constitutionally prescribed remedy to call for credible allegations of widespread vote fraud to be investigated have, in fact, “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the [United States], or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof,” as the post-Civil-War amendment explains.

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While ABC News’s political director, Rick Klein, was calling on conservatives to be “cleansed” over the weekend, Ocasio–Cortez told the network’s chief anchor, former Clinton flunkie George Stephanopoulos, that she would push to have any legislators who supported the vote-fraud challenge purged from Congress.

“If we allow insurrection against the United States with impunity, with no accountability, we are inviting it to happen again,” she said, according to Yahoo.

The New York Times appeared to be complicit in helping AOC with her “enemies list” by effectively doxing the 147 Republicans who supported the challenge.

The most obvious case against the Squad proposal is the double-standard it raises.

The hours-long Capitol breach failed to rise in any meaningful scope beyond recent months-long—and, in some cases, ongoing—leftist insurrections.

Contrary to the specious claims of race-baiting demagogues like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, left-wing rioters were hardly ever prosecuted for their lawless acts of violence and destruction, let alone disfranchised by having their duly-elected public advocates ejected from Congress.

In fact, not only are there shining examples of occupying forces in Seattle and Portland standing in the way of AOC’s moral sanctimony, but left-wing activists cannot claim there is something exceptional or unique about invading the halls of Congress to petition the government since they have repeatedly done so.

Both the anti-Kavanaugh protests and the push to pass the Green New Deal saw radicals setting the dangerous precedent that informed last Wednesday’s events. The only difference was that Pelosi did not then authorize Capitol Police to shoot to kill.

Other arguments, of course, are to be made as to whether leftist insurrectionaries like Antifa may have infiltrated the pro-Trump rally in order to foment violence. With evidence pointing to yes, many questions need to be answered before anyone seriously suggests putting last week’s event on par with the secession of the Confederate states.

Most of all, there would be ample gray area as to whether, in this politically charged climate, it is even possible to claim that the sitting president was acting to subvert democracy rather than to defend it from a greater domestic threat.

Herein Squad members and other corrupt Democrats would need to do the most explaining.

Not only have the vote-fraud questions been left unresolved—absent a congressionally appointed, independent, bipartisan commission to delve deeper into the alarming allegations—but we know that some elected officials have been compromised by hostile foreign entities like China and Iran.

If Democrats sincerely wish to make the argument for invoking archaic rules to quell domestic threats, they must—like they did during the #MeToo movement—be prepared to accept some collateral damage from within their own ranks.

First and foremost should be Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., who must be arrested and tried under the Espionage Act of 1917 (18 U.S.C. ch. 37) for his involvement with a Chinese “honey trap” spy.

A number of other Democrats also may be subject to penalties, up to and including 10 years in prison, if they were proven to have known about and helped to harbor Swalwell.

Among those who should be investigated under Section 792—assuming they are not also personally compromised—are House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and Pelosi herself.

Meanwhile, AOC’s fellow Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., must clarify the nature of her own relationship with Qatar, an Iranian ally and launchpad for many Islamic extremists.

She was accused under oath of being the “jewel in the crown” among Qatar’s political assets within the US, and similar allegations surfaced from her own constituents after Project Veritas unveiled an undercover investigation of vote fraud in Minneapolis‘s Somali community.

Of course, with the incoming Democrat majority, efforts to use the Espionage Act to expunge potential subversives from the halls of Congress are likely to go nowhere.

Likewise, invoking the 14th Amendment against alleged GOP subversives would require a two-thirds vote from both chambers, meaning that if 145 members of the House or 33 members of the Senate refused to play ball, it would fail.

Since Democrats are accusing 139 House members of involvement in the Capitol plot, that leaves a very narrow margin for victory—and with the Senate evenly split, it is hard to imagine many Republicans throwing their colleagues under the bus.

So, why would leftist radicals even raise the possibility?

The only logical answer is to drive the two sides farther asunder—and perhaps to instigate a civil war through their own abuses of power. The aim may be to weaken the US from within, thereby making it more vulnerable on the global stage.

This places tremendous pressure on centrists to lure the nation back from the precipice by standing with those on the Right from whom they have worked hard to distance themselves.

Unfortunately, the party soon to be at the helm will continue to do what it has heretofore succeeded in doing by harmfully distorting the facts and concealing the evidence in order to normalize its warped worldview.

Thus, with his last week in office, Trump must do his best to authorize the declassification of everything that will help the country through its greatest existential crisis.

That should include all materials concerning vote fraud and Chinese espionage, as well as any classified weaponry (robot dogs? nanobot drones? more bio-warfare?) that the Left might potentially unleash against its own dissenting populace.

There is no longer a strategic benefit in keeping classified defense secrets which our foreign enemies know more about than we do, courtesy of their domestic allies in Congress.

Meanwhile, as the Mitt Romneys and Joe Manchins and John Robertses in the so-called center figure out how to clean up the mess that their cowardice helped create, others would be well advised to seriously consider what a 21st-century decoupling might look like, absent any other checks on the ambition of America’s modern-day Bolsheviks.

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