Cuomo Mocked for Reversing Policy on NY Lockdowns

Governor's policies have frequently been unpopular and unsuccessful during the virus...

Brushing off a recent surge of coronavirus cases in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared the state must work to reopen businesses even before herd immunity is achieved.

He was promptly mocked by the president’s son, Don Trump Jr., who noted that this had long been the Republican stance and had been scorned by the Left before the Nov. 3 election resulted in Joe Biden securing the presidency.

Cuomo’s policies have frequently been unpopular and unsuccessful during the virus. His stewardship let New York to become the global epicenter shortly after the pandemic reached US shores.

Largely to blame were his direct actions, including the forced comingling of healthy and infected coronavirus patients.

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However, Cuomo has begun to feel the pressure himself of late, not only due to many former New Yorkers fleeing the state for places like Florida, but also the intense backlash of business owners outraged over the ongoing draconian lock-down policies.

Many New York restaurant owners have pledged not to serve the liberal Democrat, and he was shamed out of attending a rare playoff game for the NFL’s Buffalo Bills last Saturday.

Since then he has tried to slyly backpedal, masking that his hypocritical policies beneath a facade of prudence.

For instance, he has decreed that he will allow fans to attend the Bills’ second playoff game, but only if they are able to provide a negative COVID test and consent to contact tracing afterward.

There is no evidence that the virus can be readily transmitted at outdoor events that follow reasonable social-distancing procedures—a fact that many on the Left insisted upon during race riots and political celebrations last year where participants observed little social distancing.

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Cuomo’s about-face echoes other Democrats who have suddenly decided by pure coincidence to reverse course.

Pfizer, the first pharmaceutical company to produce a coronavirus vaccine, delayed the announcement until a few days after it appeared Biden had bested Trump in the election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who had frequently stonewalled on a deal for crucial coronavirus relief funds in the months leading up to the election, suddenly agreed afterward, admitting that a “new president” had made the negotiations possible.

Cuomo himself has waffled frequently between downplaying the danger of the virus and overhyping it, praising and attacking Trump’s support, and trying to take credit for a successful recovery—including writing a book about it and advising other cities—only to see another wave force renewed lockdowns.

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