Wednesday, October 4, 2023

REPORT: Mark Zuckerberg’s Dark Money Swung Pennsylvania for Biden

Grants funded premium salaries for Democrat poll workers, illegal ballot-harvesting drop boxes and 'updates' to voting equipment...

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his family spent their private fortune to influence Pennsylvania’s presidential election in favor of Joe Biden and other Democratic candidates, Capital Research Center reported.

Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, invested $350 million in the 2020 elections across multiple states, but the dollar amounts given to each state are not yet known.

Zuckerberg and Chan funneled their money into the election through a far-left organization called the Center for Tech and Civic Life, which solicits donations from billionaire-funded groups such as Democracy Fund, the Skoll Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Using the coronavirus hoax as a pretext, CTCL fought for universal mail-in voting without signature verification or chain-of-custody procedures. These changes ensured an easy integration of fraud into America’s elections.

CTCL said it granted money to local governments so that they could operate a “safe, inclusive, and secure election,” as the organization described the purpose of a $6.3 million grant to five Wisconsin cities—Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee and Racine—which favor Democrats.

The Philadelphia City Commissioners accepted a $10 million grant from CTCL to “be used exclusively for the public purpose of planning and operationalizing safe and secure election administration in the City of Philadelphia in accordance with the attached Philadelphia Safe Voting Plan 2020,” according to the grant agreement.

The grant provided funds for the city to update equipment for counting mail-in ballots, to create 15 election officers for “in-person early voting using mail ballots,”  to open 800 voting locations, to install 15 illegal drop boxes for mail-in ballots, and to pay election workers a premium for working while they could catch an illness, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Although the Center for Tech and Civic Life, with Zuckerberg’s and Chan’s help, fundamentally transformed America’s voting procedures, it has not disclosed its funding—despite requests from far-left media outlets including the New York Times, the Associated Press, National Public Radio and the New Yorker.

Federal law demands that CTCL disclose its funding for all grants of at least $5,000, but the organization has one year to provide that information.

The delay in disclosure allows CTCL to hide the origins of dark money while election’s outcome remains in dispute.

Once the controversy has settled and President Donald Trump has resigned his election challenge, CTCL can safely disclose its funders without public notice.

Despite limited public data, Capital Research Center analyzed the CTCL’s list of jurisdictions that received its COVID-19 Response Grants and all available information about the grants.

In Pennsylvania, CTCL funded 24 county governments—11 in which Biden allegedly prevailed and 13 in which Trump won.

Biden won 13 counties in Pennsylvania, while Trump won the remaining 54 counties.

CTCL funded 24 percent of the counties that Trump won and 85 percent of the counties that Biden won, thus revealing a partisan agenda.

Put another way: “A Biden-winning county was over three-and-a-half times more likely to be funded by CTCL than a Trump-winning county,” Capital Research Center reported.

CTCL approved grants for all six counties where Biden gained more than 100,000 votes, which shows the organization’s goal of targeting densely populated Democratic areas.

Of the four counties where Trump earned more than 100,000 votes, CTCL funded only three of them.

As dollar amounts factor into the analysis, a stronger pro-Biden agenda becomes clearer.

CTCL has disclosed the dollar amounts given to 13 counties of the 24 that received grants.

The five most-funded counties all went to Biden, while Trump won four out of five counties that received the least amount.

“A more accurate picture arises when we compare the funding per capita: Trump counties received an average of $0.59 per capita, while Biden counties averaged $2.93 per capita—over five times more funding per capita,” according to CRC’s analysis.

The least-funded county that voted for Biden got $0.55 per capita, whereas the least-funded county that voted for Trump got $0.18 per capita.

The Biden county that received the most funding, Philadelphia, with its $10 million grant, had received the equivalent of $6.32 per person, including non-voters. Excluding non-voters, the grant amounted to $13.60 per voter.

Trump’s most-funded county, Berks, received $1.12 for each person.

The IRS prohibits private organizations like CTCL from funding “voter education or registration activities” in a way that has “the effect of favoring a candidate.”

CRC’s evidence shows that CTCL’s funding boosted Biden’s turnout more than Trump’s at about a 2-1 ratio.

“When we compare the presidential vote in 2020 to 2016 numbers, we find that in the 24 counties CTCL funded, 266,000 more votes were cast in 2020 for the Republican candidate and 460,000 more for the Democrat candidate,” CRC’s analysis found. “That partisan difference of about 194,000 votes is more than double Biden’s official victory margin for the entire state.”

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