Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Whistleblower Finds ‘Systemic’ Errors in Detroit’s Midterm Poll Books

'The public, who we serve, deserves answers... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) A member of the Michigan board of canvassers has uncovered “systemic” poll book errors that occurred in Detroit during the midterm elections.

According to Big League Politics, Kate Riley issued a statement describing the errors with the electronic poll books, effecting results of 90% of Detroit precincts.

After attempting to talk with state election officials and getting the cold shoulder, Riley sent a lengthy letter detailing the problem to the news site:

“Early on election day many Detroit precincts began receiving error codes related to the ballot assignment of the voter within the electronic poll books (EPB),” she wrote. “As the error messages popped up many of the election workers scrambled to figure out a solution.”

She described the process of working with a local clerk to discover the error in the canvass and working with them to prevent similar future mistakes.

“It quickly became evident that the poll book error was not a sporadic error here or there, but systemic in nature,” she explained. “Of the 450 precincts in Detroit… approximately 405 [were effected].”

“To put this in perspective, Oakland County, the second largest county in the state has just over 500 precincts total.”

She also elaborated on the meeting where she attempted to bring this error to the attention of the Director of the Bureau of Elections, who simply stated “we’ll know when we know” when asked if the investigation had an estimated end date.

“The public, who we serve, deserves answers. The canvassers who have worked tirelessly to reconcile the pollbooks deserves answers,” she added. “And finally, the election workers who were overwhelmed yet doing the best job they could to deal with the errors deserve answers.”

This is not the first time Detroit election processes have come under scrutiny.

During the vote counting in the 2020 election, centers boarded up the windows and kicked out Republican poll watchers.

The city’s 2022 midterm processes are also facing scrutiny due to recently discovered footage of a suspicious late-night ballot dump at a local precinct.

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