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NeverTrumpers Face Identity Crisis w/o Lightning-Rod-in-Chief to Channel Their Loathing

After his tweets reaching out to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio--Cortez, D-NY, this week went ignored, spurned Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt followed up by becoming...

Never-Trumpers to Air Ads to Pull Christian Support from President

The Bill Kristol-fronted NeverTrump group Republican Voters Against Donald Trump will air advertisements online and on Fox News in North Carolina to convince Christians and conservatives to withhold their support from President Donald Trump.

RINO Group Pressures Tillis, McConnell to Back Dems’ Vote-Theft Ruse

'Americans across the country need expanded voting options during the pandemic...' (Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) A well-funded advocacy group with ties to notorious NeverTrumper Bill Kristol is blanketing...

NeverTrump Bill Kristol Says He’s Now a Democrat

'They need Trump to save them from an insurgency that he himself is sort of fostering and aiding...' (Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) NeverTrumper and longtime...


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