Monday, April 15, 2024

GOP Reps. Officially Tag CRT as Marxist Dogma, ‘Significant Threat’ to U.S.

'CRT proponents cannot be allowed to conceal the Marxian foundations of their racist ideology... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Ripping away any pretense that critical race theory is an innocuous academic exercise, a fallacy consistently peddled by racist leftists, a contingent of House Republicans has backed a resolution to denounce CRT for what it is.

The resolution calls for the House to recognize “critical race theory and its derivatives as a form of Marxist ideology,” and acknowledge that it is “in direct opposition to the founding ideals, way of life, and form of Government of the United States” and declare that CRT “poses a significant threat to the United States Republic, its citizens, and the free people of the world…and the good and happiness of mankind.”

The resolution was sponsored by Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., and co-sponsored by 10 GOP House lawmakers, including Colorado’s Lauren Boebert and Kentucky’s Thomas Massie.

With its overt claim that “structural racism” is the “fundamental organizing principle of United States society” and its “ordinary state of affairs,” is “an intrinsically unjust, oppressive, and racist nation,” the resolution calls CRT a “direct analogy to Karl Marx’s views on the structural nature of capitalism” and an attack on “the free-market principles that underlie United States society, especially inalienable property rights.”

Bishop correctly identified that the likely backlash “from critical race theorists to this resolution will be to accuse this resolution, its authors, and its supporters of malicious and racist intent.”

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the likes of Never-Trumper and conservative squish Bill Kristol to start attacking the messengers.

“Some in the House GOP going pretty full Stalinist, demanding Congress condemn political theories they don’t like as a way of mobilizing supporters and demonizing minorities,” bleated Kristol.

Which is an ironic line of criticism, considering CRT “teaches children that they are either oppressors or oppressed based solely on the color of their skin” with special privilege conferred on “whiteness,” and proposes that the only way to rectify the imbalance is to “abolish whiteness” and fundamentally change America under a leftist agenda.

CRT seeks “to be insinuated not only into all vital and secondary American institutions and businesses under terms with deceptive specialist definitions, including ‘diversity’, ‘equity’, ‘inclusion’, and “antiracism”, but also into the United States Government with power over all public policy on the local, State, and Federal level, in effect establishing a “dictatorship of the antiracists,” the resolution stated.

According to CRT disciples, the resolution noted, “the only remedy to past discrimination is present and future discrimination in the reverse direction” in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment and its equal protection clause.”

New Discourses founder and leading CRT authority James Lindsay applauded the GOP lawmakers for their resolution.

“CRT proponents cannot be allowed to conceal the Marxian foundations of their racist ideology,” Bishop told the Daily Caller.

“This resolution allows Congress to do what has always been essential to defeating Marxism — calling it what it is and exposing those who consort with it.”

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