Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Sabotage Suspected as Multiple Power Stations Knocked Off the Grid

'The climate change enthusiasts are busy pushing their woke agenda... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Christmas dropped into cold darkness when vandals and arsonists staged attacks that knocked out four electrical substations in Washington state, leaving thousands without power as temperatures plunged.

The attacks started early Christmas morning and continued throughout the day and night, across multiple locations.

In response to the initial call, “Deputies arrived on scene and saw there was forced entry into the fenced area. Nothing had been taken from the substation, but the suspect vandalized the equipment causing a power outage in the area,” according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

That was followed by a reported burglary to another substation, which also showed signs of forced entry and sabotage. Two more strikes and another alleged burglary rounded out the damage to power stations owned by Tacoma Public Utilities and Pugent Sound Energy, and impacting thousands of homeowners.

“All law enforcement agencies in the county have been notified of the incidents and will be monitoring power substations in their area,” the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office reported.

The incidents followed a growing number of attacks on power substations and the electrical grid across the country, which already stood at a record high of 106 in a year-span. Those attacks included incidents earlier this month that left power stations riddled with bullets and disabled in North Carolina.

Officials echoed the Biden regime’s narrative that conservative groups acting in their capacity as domestic terrorists, this time allegedly opposing a drag show for kids, were suspected behind the substation attacks. 

A few days before the incidents in North Carolina, two electrical substations were shot-up near Portland, Oregon, where the shooter or shooters targeted both Portland General Electric and the Bonneville Power Administration.

A federal law enforcement memo revealed that officials with the Pacific Northwest substations described attacks using “handtools, arson, firearms, and metal chains possibly in response to an online call for attacks on critical infrastructure.”

“In recent attacks, criminal actors bypassed security fences by cutting the fence links, lighting nearby fires, shooting equipment from a distance or throwing objects over the fence and on to equipment,” the memo informed.

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