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Pelosi’s Daughter Releases HBO Documentary Celebrating Her Career

'We are decent people. No, we’re not...'

(Headline USA) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., hasn’t even given up the gavel yet—and already her role as one of the most ruthless, divisive and corrupt Democrat leaders in modern history is being whitewashed by the propagandist HBO network.

The so-called documentary, Pelosi in the House, is directed and produced by Alexandra Pelosi, the youngest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s five children, follows the elder Pelosi’s career over three decades.

For Alexandra Pelosi, the brutal attack on her father earlier this year by an underwear-clad “friend” during a domestic dispute was a culmination of vitriol that had been building for decades.

She complains that her family’s name has been weaponized for years, turned into a curse word for Republicans.

Of course, she has no problem using that same family name to enrich herself, declaring herself a filmmaker even as her body of work centers exclusively around her mother’s 30-year political reign of terror.

And like other Democrats, she follows the lead of her mother in ruthlessly and brazenly projecting her own evils onto GOP political opponents, blaming them for the vilification of the Pelosi name and even baselessly attempting to link it to her father’s attack by his suspected gay lover, David DePape.

“There’s a thread from the very first time they started taking ads out against Nancy Pelosi and turning her into a witch and turning our last name into a curse word. You can follow that thread 20 years later to my parents’ doorstep to my father getting attacked,” Alexandra Pelosi said in an interview with the Associated Press.

Pelosi’s film follows her mother, literally, through the Capitol and behind the scenes as she negotiates key votes for major pieces of legislation.

It also depicts threats the family received, including a severed pig’s head that was delivered to the speaker’s San Francisco home just days before Jan. 6.

While it is believed that the act of vandalism was committed by left-wing extremists, much like the attack on her father, Pelosi attempts to conflate those with Republican rhetoric and justifiable opposition to her mother’s policies.

And she takes advantage of the fact that her husband,  Michiel Vos, just happened to be on the scene of the Jan. 6 uprising, where he was caught posing for selfies with now notorious figures like the so-called Q’Anon shaman, Jake Angeli.

Although Vos and Angeli both breached the Capitol grounds, later described by Nancy Pelosi as a sacred “temple to democracy,” only the latter has been prosecuted for his actions, while Vos has been able to profit off it.

The film includes extended clips recorded as Pelosi and other congressional leaders are rushed out of the Capitol and evacuated to Fort McNair, a nearby Army base.

Some of the footage was played during a hearing of the House panel investigating the attack on the Capitol. Alexandra Pelosi and her team provided the footage to the committee.

Already, it has raised questions among critics as to whether Pelosi may have been orchestrating the chaos and instructing Capitol police to stand down.

It is unclear whether her role in exacerbating the mostly peaceful protest will come under scrutiny from the incoming GOP House majority, but it is clear that the leftist media have only begun their efforts at historical revisionism.

“When they took Nancy Pelosi out of the chamber, she didn’t even get to take her cellphone. They rushed her out. And she was making calls to the defense secretary, the attorney general, the vice president, and I thought there should be a record of this,” Alexandra Pelosi said.

“She didn’t get to talk the House clerk, who has a transcript of all this, to record what was happening. This was historic what was happening, and somebody needed to have a record of what was said,” she said.

Among those historic moments: discussion about whether to move the entire Congress—all 100 senators and 435 members of the House—by bus to Fort McNair and convene the joint session there to continue the certification of the election.

Nancy Pelosi claimed that Jan. 6 was one of the worst moments of her career, as her panicking staff members fled for cover, hiding silently under tables as rioters trashed the speaker’s office and called out “Nancy!” as they searched for Pelosi.

“She thinks that the Capitol is sacred ground,” Alexandra Pelosi says of her mother. “That’s why January 6 really tore at her soul. Because to her, the Capitol is sacred ground, and the rioters literally pooped inside the sacred ground.”

It wasn’t the only time the Pelosi family has had to deal with scat. In September 2020, a YouTuber live-streamed himself dropping trou in the Pelosis’ driveway.

The number of attacks on the Pelosi home in the heart of affluent San Francisco—a leftist enclave like no other—may underscore just how reviled and polarizing a figure she has become.

And her willingness to exploit her own husband’s attack for political gain prior to the 2022 midterm elections underscores that same level of single-mindedmess.

The HBO documentary does not appear to offer any more insights into what really happened in the case, for which the city has refused to release body-cam footage despite widespread skepticism of the official narrative.

The FBI has stepped in on several cases involving threats to Pelosi’s grandchildren, and Alexandra Pelosi claimed she receives threatening messages nearly every day.

“It was so inevitable, because the rhetoric has just amped up so much over the past few years,” Alexandra Pelosi said as she looked out the window of her New York home.

As the family gathered for Thanksgiving this year, a tactical team of police officers holding rifles lined the perimeter of the house. Alexandra Pelosi has been struggling to explain to her children why so many people want to kill their grandmother.

“My son comes into the kitchen in the morning for breakfast. He’s like, ‘Hey, did you see that that guy that said that he wanted to hang Nancy Pelosi from a lamppost got convicted?’ That’s just weird for a teenager to be talking about his own grandmother, being hung from a lamppost,” she said.

“And as the mother you’re trying to say all humanity is good. We are decent people. No, we’re not.”

Adapted from reporting by the Associated Press

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