Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Fake News Rushes to Explain Photo of Pelosi’s Son-in-Law Posing w/ QAnon ‘Shaman’ at Capitol

"I was standing in a melee when people literally climbed the walls of the Capitol---climbed up---like a sort of sea of people out of a sort of post-apocalyptic film…"

Left wing “fact-checkers” were forced into overdrive after an accused Antifa plant—later identified as a witch-doctor in the QAnon movement—was pictured posing at the US Capitol with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s son-in-law.

The selfie was taken by Michiel Vos, a Dutch documentarian who is married to Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra.

Along with the grim-faced Vos, the photo featured Viking-clad protester Jake Angeli grinning in the background.

Angeli reportedly goes by the name “QShaman” in some circles and has described himself as a “multi-dimensional or hyper dimensional being” who can “see into these other higher dimensions that these entities—these pedophiles, these rapists, these really high up people … that they can almost hide in the shadows in,” The Independent reported.

Among the iconic photos he appeared in was one in which he was seen sitting at the dais designated for the presiding officer in the House chamber—where Pelosi had, only hours before, gaveled in the joint session of Congress to count and dispute Electoral College votes.

It was not immediately known whether Vos assisted Angeli and other protesters with gaining access to the Capitol, although many have noted the protesters did with surprising ease.

That fact, alone, helped fuel false-flag conspiracy theories—including the preliminary reports that Angeli may have been an Antifa plant, which circulated after pictures emerged of him wearing the same distinctive outfit at a Black Lives Matter protest in Arizona.

However, sites including the Associated Press and Snopes.com scrambled to qualify his apparent relationship with Pelosi’s family members.

“In reality, Vos was reporting on the insurrection for the Dutch television channel RTL 4’s talk show Jinek,” clamied a “fact check” by the Associated Press, saying it had spoken with him by phone afterward.

“… Vos said that Pelosi, his wife and son had to take shelter inside the building, while he reported from outside the building,” the AP continued. “He said he lost contact with his family for a few hours.”

Like many of the hundreds of thousands of peaceful, Trump-supporting onlookers who actively tried to stop a small group of rabble-rousers from breaking out windows and entering the Capitol, Vos said he was taken aback by the scene.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it,” he told the AP. “I was standing in a melee when people literally climbed the walls of the Capitol—climbed up—like a sort of sea of people out of a sort of post-apocalyptic film…”

Despite being more directly connected to the seat of power in Congress than many of the American taxpayers who were there demanding access to their government, Vos maintained that he was an outsider.

“I’m standing like a sort of tourist, a bad tourist, outside alone and I haven’t had any contact with them for three hours because I can’t make [phone] contact,” he claimed.

Fortunately, in between the attempts to reach his family, he was able to find time to document his harrowing experiences.

Addressing the question of whether Vos and Angeli had colluded to storm the building, Snopes rated the claim “mostly” false.

Vos “was doing his job when he encountered Angeli, not commemorating a secret plot involving House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” said the website.

“Moreover,” it continued, “Angeli is no ‘left-wing agent provocateur’ or member of [A]ntifa, having long been associated with the pro-Trump QAnon movement.”

Contrary to the left-wing sites, evidence has confirmed some Antifa members had planned to infiltrate the crowd supporting President Donald Trump.

A message from one of the domestic terrorism group’s chapters prior to the event encouraged them to show up dressed as Trump supporters and/or police officers.

“This way police and patriots responding to US won’t know who their enemies are and onlookers and the media will think there are Trump supporters rioting so it’s harder to turn popular opinion against us,” said the message.

At least one far-left extremist who breached the Capitol had been positively identified by conservative watchdogs present on the scene.

And unverified reports said one Antifa member admitted that the group was responsible for the siege.

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