Friday, February 3, 2023
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NASA Making Plans to Study Sex in Space

'We are primarily concerned with ensuring crew members’ health and safety in space for long periods of time... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Daring to go above and beyond the mere exploration of distant galaxies, NASA has deemed it appropriate to use taxpayer money to study space sex and human reproduction, the Daily Star reported.

According to astronauts, it is essential for us to consider how humans could reproduce in such a foreign setting, especially if humans are to inhabit other planets or embark on long-term exploration.

Yet this field is apparently unstudied since humans have not been on long-distance space journeys yet.

According to researcher Simon Dubé, “No research has explored intimate relationships, nor the human experience of sexual functions and well being, in space or space analogues, or how any of this can affect crew performance.”

NASA admitted that this is part of a larger project to make life in space more sustainable, given that traveling to Mars and back takes seven months.

Especially concerning is the idea of birthing children in space because the number of variables could lead to major complications.

“We are primarily concerned with ensuring crew members’ health and safety in space for long periods of time,” NASA wrote.

“Our Human Research Program is working to mitigate the five hazards of human spaceflight and researching ways to help crews work together and remain emotionally prepared during their journey,” they continued.

Unsurprisingly, NASA had nothing to say about marriage, and its language was laced through with psychological jargon.

The organization suggested that managing reproductive health would be essential to ensuring human health.

Ultimately, NASA concluded that when the need presented itself, it would conduct the appropriate research and experiments.

“Should a future need for more in-depth study on reproductive health in space be identified, NASA would take the appropriate steps.”

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