TDS-Afflicted Media ‘Fact Checks’ Trump’s #PedoBiden Retweet

'While her age is unclear, it’s very clear that Carter is a woman and not a child or underage female...'

Beneath a barrage of images marking a historic peace agreement in the Middle East, President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed on Tuesday included a retweet from @ConservUSA38 with the hashtag #PedoBiden.

Naturally, it became the lead story for the Trump-Deranged mainstream media.

Some, like the US version of England’s Sun newspaper were beside themselves trying to fact-check the retweet, which also included a GIF image of Biden sniffing the hair of Stephanie Carter, wife of former Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

“While her age is unclear, it’s very clear that Carter is a woman and not a child or underage female,” said the Sun.

“There’s no evidence to suggest that Biden is a pedophile and claims that he is are unfounded and have no basis in fact,” it claimed.

The Sun noted that in a March 2019 blog post Carter had denied any impropriety or discomfort surrounding the notorious image.

There is, in fact, a considerable amount of documented visual evidence that shows Biden inappropriately touching other people’s children, as well as other people’s wives.

Biden’s personal anecdotes, such as an account of allowing children at a pool to feel his leg hair, also are consistent with the allegations.

Apart from one isolated public claim (Tara Reade‘s) alleging a sexual assault and several corroborating witness accounts, nothing has been furnished to suggest that Biden fully consummated his sexually deviant impulses.

However, the conservative transparency and accountability watchdog Judicial Watch is currently suing the University of Delaware to gain access to the records from Biden’s roughly 35 years in the US Senate.

Some suspect that the files may include corroborating evidence about Reade’s claim, as well as an alleged breast-cupping incident involving the wife of a Secret Service agent and potentially other damning allegations.

When the latter incident was reported by the Gateway Pundit another Secret Service agent who had worked on Biden’s detail accused the former vice president of “Weinstein level” abuses, in reference to convicted rapist and former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

It is unlikely, however, that Trump’s purpose in the retweet was to substantiate the accusations.

The original tweet included a statement, “We can beat them at their game ..”

Viral videos on Twitter have previously used the accusation as a counterpoint to the specious attacks leveled against Trump and his supporters by the media, including baseless claims of racism that rely heavily on out-of-context statements.

Some accounts suggested that the term #PedoTrump had also been trending alongside claims linking Trump to pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein, who has been tied with a number of high-profile Democrats.

Nonetheless, as the radical Left moves toward previously untenable positions such as supporting the defunding of law-enforcement, some are concerned that the cultural normalization of pedophilia may be on their wish list.

The issue erupted recently in the context of a controversial Netflix film that appeared to depict the sexualizing of underage girls, as well as in a newly passed California law that will remove some of the penalties for statutory rape if there is no greater than a 10-year age difference.


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