Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Moms for Liberty Boss Destroys Clownish Bigot Joy Reid in MSNBC Interview

'In what context is a strap-on dildo acceptable for public school?'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) MSNBC talking head Joy Reid invited Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice to come on her show for an interview discussing kids’ access to sexually explicit books in public schools.

Moms for Liberty seeks to remove explicitly pornographic and political books from the libraries of elementary schools; however, Reid is a fervent advocate of a child’s right to have access to such books, despite their blatant inappropriateness, according to The Hill.

In the segment, Reid mentioned one book, All Boys Aren’t Blue, being sure to tout its “award winning” status. She accused Justice and her group of cherry-picking parts of the book and “demanding the school board remove” it.

“What a tragic story of a young man who’s anally raped by his adult family member, so you have incest, rape, pedophilia,” Justice responded before elaborating on the graphic sex scenes in the book and asking, “In what context is a strap-on dildo acceptable for public school?”

Reid, unable to respond, changed tactics and asked Justice to explain why Moms for Liberty could decide to totally ban the book in schools, and why an opt-out form for parents who do not want their children exposed to smut is not enough.

“What is your right to tell a parent who wants their child—who might feel seen by this story—why don’t they have the right as a parent to say ‘my child can have access to this book’?” Reid asked.

The understandably shocked and horrified Justice responded with sympathy for any child who may be able to relate to the main character of this story. She noted that such a child—if he were, indeed, being anally raped by a family member, like the protagonist—would need much more support than a sexually explicit book for support.

Reid, realizing she was fighting a losing battle, changed the subject once again. She implied that Moms for Liberty was racist, refused to let Justice answer any of her questions and dodged questions Justice poised for the remnant of the seven-minute interview.

School boards have silenced parents for reading graphic passages out of similar books at public meetings, despite giving children direct, unfettered access to them.

Both leftist school boards and Reid’s show-runners decided that some of the content in the interview clip was too graphic to be acceptable for general adult audiences.

“In what context is a XXXXX-XX XXXXX acceptable for public school?” a tweet from the ReidOut read.

People responded to the clip with disgust at Reid’s heinous take; many also questioned what happened to her hair.

Reid’s wild accusations against Justice and Moms for Liberty also struck a rather disingenuous note given the talk-show host’s own problematic past with anti-LGBT bigotry.

In 2017, Reid was exposed for blog posts she had made 10 years prior, when she was still a relatively unknown talk-radio personality working in Florida, attacking gay Gov. Charlie Crist—a Republican at the time, who later became a Democrat.

Reid at first denied any knowledge of the posts and later insisted, when confronted with the evidence, that she must have been hacked retroactively.

Despite calls for her resignation, she faced no accountability but did offer an on-air non-apology in which she framed herself as the victim at the center of the scandal.

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