Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Kathy Griffin Admits She Had to ‘Beg’ For Her Most Recent Role

‘I like to say, “I wasn’t Dixie-Chicked, I was Dixie-d***ed”…’

Kathy Griffin Apologizes for Photo with Bloodied Trump Mask
Kathy Griffin

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Failed comedian Kathy Griffin admitted she had to “beg” for her most recent role on the Netflix show “You.”

Griffin told USA Today that she contacted the show’s producer, Greg Berlanti, directly, and asked if he’d allow her to make a guest appearance on the TV series and give her “five lines on something that would be seen by people that had nothing to do with Trump.”

Griffin’s career tanked after she posed in a picture holding Trump’s severed head. She apologized after she began to face backlash, but then took back her apology during an interview with “The View.”

“It was just a mask and ketchup. I wish I would have done a blow-up doll. I probably could have gotten away with a blow-up doll,” she said. “I like to say, ‘I wasn’t Dixie-Chicked, I was Dixie-d***ed.’ I lost right, left, middle — I lost everybody. F*** him.”

After she begged Berlanti for the role, Griffin said he called her back and agreed to work her into the show.

“[Berlanti] called me up, he was so nice he said—you know he’s a gay guy—he said ‘You know, Kathy, after all you’ve done for the community, all these decades, I’m happy to do this for you,’” she explained. “It was a day where I got to be on planet normal. It was such a fantastic gift.”

Griffin continues to insist that she doesn’t regret taking the photo, claiming the image actually helped kickstart her career overseas.

“While the picture has caused me a lot of duress [sic], it’s also made me global, everybody knows the crazy red-haired lady from the photo,” she said. “It has made me more fearless, and I really feel strongly that whoever comes at me, they have to understand I’ve prevailed against the president of the United States.”

Griffin has since continued to invite controversy through her political commentary, including a post on Twitter that encouraged the public doxxing of teenage defamation victim Nick Sandmann and other students from Covington Catholic High School.

Attorneys for Sandmann—who recently settled a lawsuit with CNN—have said they may also file suit against Griffin.

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