Saturday, December 2, 2023

GOP Candidate Mocks CNN Reporter w/ Epic Takedown of Fake News

'I didn’t think so, because the people don’t like what you guys are peddling, which is propaganda... '

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Kari Lake, a Republican gubernatorial candidate from Arizona, mocked a CNN reporter when she approached her for an interview, shaming the media for its COVID hypocrisy and fake news agenda.

“WATCH what happens when @CNN ambushes @KariLake outside of an event,” Lake tweeted.

After CNN reporter Kyung Lah introduced herself, Lake joked about Lah not wearing a mask, referencing the leftist hysteria that everyone should be masked at all times.

“You don’t have a mask on anymore, what’s going on?” she asked.

Lah said that they are not inside the building and immediately asked for an interview.

“Well, we’re outside,” she replied while not standing six feet away from Lake. “Do you have a minute to chat?”

Lah previously interviewed Lake, and the portrayal of the gubernatorial candidate on one of CNN’s segments wasn’t very pleasant. She was called a “rising star of the right-wing” and a “proud spreader of lies” that the 2020 presidential elections were stolen by Democrats, according to the Daily Caller.

Lake probably figured she would get the same treatment if she were to agree to an interview, so instead, she decided to take an epic swipe at fake news media, mocking CNN’s shuttered streaming venture.

“Um, I’ll do an interview,” she said. “As long as it airs on CNN+. Does that still exist?”

Lah responded negatively, and Lake added that the reason why their streaming service failed was that people didn’t want to pay for their propaganda.

“I didn’t think so, because the people don’t like what you guys are peddling, which is propaganda. Thank you,” she said and left Lah speechless.

Among many people on Twitter liking how Lake handled Lah, one fan said that CNN had it coming.

“Part of me wants to feel bad for this journalist but how else would you treat a CNN reporter?” he wrote. “They’d selectively edit your interview, tell lies and even if you are nice to them, they’ll bury you at the first opportunity.”

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