Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Democrats’ New ‘Diversity’ Czar Accused Biden, Harris of Waging ‘War’ on Blacks

'I would like people like you to sit down & think about the harm Joe Biden & men like him have caused, orchestrated, and perpetuated in communities of color...'

Dyjuan Tatro, whom the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently hired as the senior adviser on diversity and inclusion, accused President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris of racism over the past two years in since-deleted tweets, the New York Post reported.

New information also revealed that Tatro, a convicted felon and former “triggerman” for the New York-based Original Gangsta Killas street gang, may have violated his parole for drug and assault convictions when he traveled to Mexico earlier this month, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

After getting his bachelor’s degree while incarcerated, Tatro fashioned himself into a criminal-justice reform activist—and he is now working for one of the nation’s most powerful political organizations.

Last May, however, Tatro advocated against voting for Biden because the former Delaware senator had authored and vocally supported for the 1994 Crime Bill.

The legislation successfully reduced crime rates while also increasing incarceration rates, disproportionately affecting lower-income blacks and other minorities.

When a Twitter user accused Tatro of wanting Donald Trump to win, he wrote: “I would like people like you to sit down & think about the harm Joe Biden & men like him have caused, orchestrated, and perpetuated in communities of color. … Joe Biden has hurt my community. I don’t want Trump or Joe Biden to win.”

Biden’s former tough-on-crime measures hurt Tatro’s community, he declared, even though he himself shot two rival gang members.

He served only seven years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted murder, assault, gun-running, and drug trafficking.

Yet, that didn’t stop him from accusing politicians of ruining his life and those of many other convicted criminals.

A day after Biden announced his run for president, Tatro called him “AN ARCHITECT OF MASS INCARCERATION” in an all-caps April 2019 tweet.


Although many have credited Harris with being the first black vice president, Tatro considered her an enemy of black Americans, too.

“I’m really tired of Black men saying Kamala Harris was only doing her job as a prosecutor while she waged war on black and brown bodies because that’s the same line police use when they murder unarmed Black men,” he said in a July 2019 tweet. “This is a really sh***y dichotomy.”

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