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Ex-Clinton Stooge McAuliffe Moves Closer to Declaring 2020 Run

He ‘is now thinking who is our best chance in this environment to win, and I think he believes, in his mind, it’s him…’

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Terry McAuliffe/Photo by sharedferret (CC)

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Very few Democrats have been clamoring for another white, male candidate with close ties to the Clintons.

Very few centrists and conservatives have lamented the lack of demonstrably corrupt, deep-state partisans masquerading as moderates.

Nonetheless, Terry McAuliffe—the bundler known for renting the White House’s Lincoln Bedroom to Chinese donors during the Bill Clinton era, who went on to become chair of the Democratic National Committee and governor of Virginia—sees his return to Pennsylvania Avenue in the tea leaves.

CNN reported that McAuliffe has been telling political allies he planned to make a decision by late March and potentially announce a run in April.

“I get the sense that he is moving closer,” John Morgan, a longtime Democratic donor and McAuliffe friend, told CNN.

McAuliffe spokesperson Crystal Carson said he was “seriously considering” a run.

To McAuliffe’s credit, in the crowded field of Democrats packed with socialist-sympathizing radicals—among them, six senators who co-sponsored the recently defeated Green New Deal bill—he might, in fact, be one of the more moderate options.

Likewise, despite having played a central role in the trading of nuclear secrets to the Chinese for campaign funds—what some call the biggest scandal in modern history (ever to be completely ignored and forgotten by the liberal media)—McAuliffe’s uncanny ability to slime his way through unscathed makes him, technically speaking, one of the more “ethical” DNC chairs and Virginia Democrats in recent memory.

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Both may be a testament to just how low the bar is on the Left.

One major challenge for McAuliffe, however, may be the impending announcement of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden, who currently leads the pack of prospective candidates, has more name recognition and would be likely to overshadow McAuliffe by appealing to the same demographic for support.

But McAuliffe’s surrogates downplayed the similarities between the two.

“It is still going to be on his mind,” Morgan said, “but I got the impression that he has moved past that objection and is now thinking who is our best chance in this environment to win—and I think he believes, in his mind, it’s him, a pro-business Democrat.”

Like Biden, McAuliffe’s extensive public record as a career swamp-dweller may be a blessing and a curse.

Among the past business experiences he so highly touts was a failed auto-making endeavor with Hillary Clinton‘s brother, Tony Rodham.

The pair attempted to exploit Obama-era tax subsidies for green enterprises by launching the electric car company GreenTech.

However, the number of investigations into the company may well have eclipsed the number of cars it produced, with the group Watchdog.org leading the way.

Central among the charges was that GreenTech was a shell organization being used to grant permanent-residency visas to Chinese investors.

McAuliffe bailed on the company in late 2012 while gearing up for his gubernatorial run. GreenTech filed for bankruptcy last year, having already bilked its investors of millions of dollars.

McAuliffe also was instrumental in promoting voter fraud in Virginia—calling on precincts to refuse to allow watchdog groups to audit the voter rolls where suspected illegal immigrants were present.

He also defied the state legislature and supreme court to unilaterally restore voting rights to 200,000 felons in the state, and he was instrumental in establishing the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, led by Eric Holder, which has pushed courts to reverse red-state legislative maps and gerrymander in favor of Democrats.

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