Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Congressman: Biden Spends 22x More on Illegal Kids than American Ones

'The American people are being victimized by this administration’s irresponsible border policy...'

Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, attacked President Joe Biden‘s administration for its reckless spending on care for illegal immigrant children while neglecting American children, according to a press release.

Johnson discovered in his research that Americans “are spending over 22 times more money on children from other countries housed in these facilities than our own American children.”

The congressman, a representative from rural Appalachian Ohio, argued that the serious concerns of his constituents have been overlooked in favor of building more comfortable living conditions for illegals.

Johnson also invoked Biden’s expressed desire for a massive, multi-trillion-dollar plan to invest in ‘infrastructure,’ which would drastically expand the common understanding of the word to include a raft of new entitlements and social programs.

“I live in and represent one of the most rural parts of the country,” he said. “… Whether it is with broadband services or other legitimate critical infrastructure, I see a region ripe for investment—not only in infrastructure but in people.”

Although it has been a Democrat strategy for years to neglect small town and rural America in favor of large, urban machines, this crisis presents a unique threat.

Small towns near the border have been particularly harmed by the recent immigration crisis.

Nevertheless, Democrats seem unwilling to address the problem as they continue to pour money into the southern border—not to secure it, but to make it more comfortable for the lawbreakers.

According to Johnson’s press release, “the Biden Administration is spending $775 a day per migrant child housed in these Health and Human Services facilities, while spending only $35 a day for each student—American citizens whose parents pay taxes—in our public schools.”

Johnson also rebuked the Biden administration for prioritizing citizens of foreign countries over Americans, including citizens from his own community.

“It sure appears to me that we are putting children from the Northern Triangle countries—Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras—above the children in Ohio communities like Steubenville, Pomeroy, Cadiz, and countless other small towns across our country,” he argued.

“The American people are being victimized by this administration’s irresponsible border policy,” Johnson concluded. “But, make no mistake, the children in government-run migrant facilities such as the one I visited in Donna, Texas last month are also victims of this Administration’s failures.”

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