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Biden Abandons Grandkids’ Stockings After Acknowledging Hunter’s Love Child

'When questioned, the Biden White House declined to address whether Navy’s name would appear on the stockings at Camp David...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) The White House has chosen to break from its longstanding tradition of showcasing stockings for grandchildren, sparking speculation tied to the absence of Hunter Biden’s love child, Navy Joan Roberts. 

A spokesperson for the Biden family revealed that they’ve decided to place the stockings at Camp David, where President Joe Biden and his family intend to spend the Christmas season, as reported by the New York Post.

This deviation from the customary display follows two previous holiday seasons during which the Biden family refrained from publicly acknowledging Navy, Hunter’s four-year-old child resulting from an alleged affair with Lunden Roberts. Biden only recently publicly acknowledged Navy in July 2023.

Initially, First Lady Jill Biden arranged stockings for the six grandchildren and even the White House pets, noticeably excluding one for Navy in both Christmas seasons of 2021 and 2022.

When questioned, the Biden White House declined to address whether Navy’s name would appear on the stockings at Camp David. 

This alteration in the holiday tradition arrives shortly after Roberts penned a column defending Hunter Biden amid escalating media scrutiny of his legal troubles. 

“Having gone to court with Hunter in a much-publicized child support case, I’m probably the last person you might expect to leap to his defense,” Roberts stated in a Daily Mail op-ed, published five months after she reached a financial child support agreement with Hunter. 

Expressing concern about Navy’s future, Roberts said she preferred not to add to the media attention embroiling Hunter. 

“One day soon Navy Joan is going to be old enough to search the internet seeing the countless newspaper articles dedicated to her father’s transgressions and I cannot fathom how she may feel,” Roberts continued, cautioning against adding further turmoil to the situation.   

“Hunter has had the courage to admit his mistakes and learn from them. That’s a valuable lesson for every parent to teach their child,” she added. 

According to NY Post, Biden remained in Washington D.C. on Christmas Day in 2021 before heading to his Delaware home. In 2022, he traveled to a luxurious villa on St. Croix Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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