Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Woke Corporations Hiring GOP-Friendly Lawyers ahead of Midterms

'But the presumption against them investigating private companies? I think those days are over... '

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) The swamp creatures of woke corporations are nervously attempting to find connections with House members as a red wave midterm threatens to take over the House.

The tension between Wallstreet and the Republican party is new, according to Axios. An anonymous K-Street (the street hosting lobbying firms in D.C.) Republican told Axios, “Republican lobbyists for years delivered win after win after win for corporate America with a Republican Party that wanted to help.”

The same lobbyist explained that draining the swamp had ended that cozy relationship. He told Axios that “A lot of those members that helped deliver those wins have retired or lost elections, and are being replaced by people that could care less about building a relationship with a Fortune 500 company’s in-house lobbyist.”

Christopher Armstrong, a partner at Holland & Knight, who specializes in congressional oversight, said the tension between woke corporations and Republicans has changed things.

“In past Congresses, Republicans would be expected to focus oversight on the administration,” he said. “Obviously, that will happen. But the presumption against them investigating private companies? I think those days are over.”

Aaron Cutler, head of the congressional investigations practice at Hogan Lovells, told Axios that his firm has been hired to grill swamp creatures and “get under their skin” to prepare them for congressional oversight.

Woke corporations have certainly poked the bear.

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