Monday, December 11, 2023

WEF-Linked Leftists, Dems Peddling Recycled Sewage as Drinking Water

'We will need to be less squeamish about where our drinking water comes from... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Sir James Bevan, head of the United Kingdom’s Environment Agency, who is linked to the World Economic Forum, has stated that “drinking recycled sewage is the future.”

According to Big League Politics, Bevan also said he wanted people to be “less squeamish” about drinking “toilet-to-tap” water, which would be recycled from sewage plants.

He event went as far as to publish an op-ed in The Times, declaring that people must “change the way they think about water,” and “treat it as a precious resource, not a free good.”

Referencing the UK’s dry, hot summer, Bevan also made the claim that many parts of the nation will likely be running short on water.

“We will need to be less squeamish about where our drinking water comes from,” he said.

“Part of the solution will be to reprocess the water that results from sewage treatment and turn it back into drinking water—perfectly safe and healthy, but not something many people fancy.”

The push for drinking recycled toilet water is the newest “environmentally friendly” initiative being hustled by “green” advocates.

California has already had discussions about implementing this kind of technology, especially as droughts continue to plague the region.

“There’s been a health legacy where sanitary engineering practices and regulators considered sewage a waste, it was something to be avoided, something to be feared,” Brad Coffey of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California said, according to the Western Journal.

“Now that we have the technology… the public, the regulators, the scientific community has much greater confidence in our ability to safely reuse that water supply,” he continued.

Both Coffey and Bevan’s views have been connected to “WEF doctrines that have been circulating for several years now.”

“As of this writing, large swaths of primarily the American West and Southwest are under serious drought conditions,” said journalist Ethan Huff. “The Environmental Protection Agency has named 10 different areas as facing drought conditions that threaten their water supplies.”

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