Monday, April 15, 2024

WATCH: Activist Grills Disney CEO on Hypocrisy Toward Detransitioners

'Disney has become the Ursula that is stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariel’s across the world, by telling us we can be something that we can never become...'

(National Legal and Policy Center) At the annual shareholder meeting of the Walt Disney Company on Wednesday, one of its shareholders, National Legal and Policy Center, teamed up with healthcare accountability group Do No Harm to present a proposal addressing the hypocrisy in the woke company’s transgender policy and its approach toward detransitioners.

The measure asks the company to investigate its discriminatory pay and benefits policies— specifically addressing where employees affected by gender-switching advocacy have been psychologically or medically harmed, without providing remedial care—and reporting to shareholders why such compensation gaps exist at an allegedly tolerant company according to a press release issued via NewsDirect.

Speaking at the Disney meeting in support of the proposal was Chloe Cole, a patient advocate for Do No Harm, who has testified before legislative bodies nationwide in opposition to gender ideology and its destructive health consequences.

Cole addressed the company’s board of directors, including CEO Robert Iger, and told her story about her difficulties in finding medical care and insurance coverage in her efforts to “de-transition,” after trying earlier in her life to switch from the biological sex she was born with.

“Disney has become the Ursula that is stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariel’s across the world, by telling us we can be something that we can never become,” Cole said in the phone call, referencing the entertainment giant’s beloved Little Mermaid film.

“The lawsuits are coming, sir,” she continued, warning fellow shareholders as much as its beleaguered CEO. “It’s only a matter of time before current or past employees, whose bodies and lives have been irreversibly harmed, will show up at your door looking for justice and restitution.”

Ahead of the Disney meeting, NLPC released a one-minute video to highlight the shareholder proposal.

The corporate and government watchdog also filed a white paper with the Securities and Exchange Commission to more fully explain the necessity for the company to investigate its discriminatory policies.

“Disney has been so proud about its 100-percent score on the Corporate Equality Index, designed by the pro-LGBTQIA+ Human Rights Campaign, which requires companies to cover sex change treatments in their health insurance offerings,” said Paul Chesser, director of NLPC’s Corporate Integrity Project.

“Now we call upon Mr. Iger to lead the way for Corporate America to provide equal care for those who have suffered physical harm as a result, and who want bodily restoration,” he added. “Besides the damage they have suffered, they are also discriminated against.”

As NLPC pointed out in its proposal, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission considers failure to provide equivalent pay and benefits based on categories including “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” as discriminatory.

Even the Securities and Exchange Commission agreed with NLPC that de-transitioning individuals fit under such classifications when considering unfairness in corporate compensation practices.

In its opposition statement (p. 104 at link) to the proposal, Disney alleged that NLPC was just trying to “generate attention” with a “narrow focus … to advance a limited agenda.”

Cole countered that it was the virtue-signalling Disney that appeared to have the narrow focus and limited agenda, opting to treat one class differently based on political ideology and the positive attention it might receive, while ignoring an equivalent category.

“Disney acts as if people like me don’t exist,” said Chloe Cole in advance of the meeting

“I intend to make sure the board and Mr. Iger hear that the company’s irrational gender ideology policies are actually destructive, and that I am a victim of policies like it,” she added. “De-transitioners like me are not going away. With the numbers of LGBTQIA+ workers at the company who have sought ill-advised sex changes, you can bet that litigation over deception, and discriminatory benefits policies, won’t be far behind.”

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