Friday, December 1, 2023

WaPo: Trump Must be ‘Purged’

‘Trump and Trumpism will not magically vanish...’

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Trump must be “purged” from American politics because of his America First agenda, according to a propaganda article from the Washington Post.

Even though Fareed Zakaria, the author of the piece, thinks that some RINOs [Republicans In Name Only] come out against Trump, he said that many people support him.

“It is heartening to see some important Republican figures come out against Donald Trump,” he wrote.

“But it’s worth noting that many embraced him when he proposed a Muslim ban, tried to extort Ukraine’s president, was impeached and tried to overturn an election.”

Zakaria then suggested that Trump may stop being popular among conservatives and lose the 2024 presidential elections to people like Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo and Liz Cheney.

Zakaria also talked about Ron DeSantis, the only person right now who has at least a chance of beating Trump in the 2024 elections. He suggested that in 2024, DeSantis will be fighting for “Not Trump” voters, without realizing that people who would vote for DeSantis couldn’t possibly be “Never Trumpers.”

The propagandist then suggested that Republicans, instead of supporting Trump, must “put an end to its moral cowardice and finally and frontally confront the cancer within” by saying that Trump is a demagogue who tries to undermine American democracy, even though the United States is a constitutional republic.

He also cited a “fascinating” essay from Sheri Berman who wrote that in many Western European countries, right-wing populist parties were forced to accept the leftists’ positions. Berman then said that America is an outlier because conservatives still have power in this country.

To conclude Berman’s point, Zackaria called American conservatives extremists.

“… in the United States, the Republican Party, having opted for extremism in the wake of the Trump revolution, has been far more willing to go along with his dictates, with a slate of almost 300 election deniers as candidates in the midterms,” Zakaria wrote.

He then used a quote from Berman who also pushed the “American democracy talking point” by saying that it is declined in the United States but not in Western European countries.

“Freedom House and other groups that track democratic development, such as V-Dem, have noted a marked decline in the strength of American democracy but have found no similar decline in Western Europe,” she wrote.

After that, Zackaria claimed that some countries — including Hungary, Turkey and the United States — have weak democratic institutions, which results, in his opinion, in demagogues changing parties rather than the other way around. Zakaria has a solution that leftists would like.

“To fend off the threat, Republican leaders must act to purge their party (and country) of extremism. Even after the midterms, Trump and Trumpism will not magically vanish.”

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