Monday, June 5, 2023
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British Gov’t Prohibits Teaching Woke Racial Theories as Fact

'Normalising the term ‘white privilege’ does not eliminate racism. It reinforces the notion that everyone and everything around ethnic minorities is racist...'

The British government has put strict restraints on the teaching of “white privilege” as fact-based knowledge, the Epoch Times reported.

Several months ago, the UK Parliament’s Education Select Committee discovered in its research that woke ideologies may contribute to the shortcomings of the white, working classes.

The committee also concluded that working-class whites are far from “privileged,” especially in education.

In response to the committee’s findings, the British government released a statement warning of the dangers of the penetration of American-style woke ideology into educational systems.

“Schools must not promote partisan political views and should take steps to ensure the balanced treatment of political issues,” it wrote.

According to the report, “contested theories and opinions” cannot be presented as unqualified truth.

“Schools should not teach contested theories and opinions as fact, and this includes contested views about ‘white privilege,'” the government said. “Political issues relating to racial and social justice can be taught about in a balanced and factual manner, just as pupils are often taught about a range of different views on other topics.”

British equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch also condemned the intrusion of woke ideology into public education.

“Normalising the term ‘white privilege’ does not eliminate racism,” she wrote. “It reinforces the notion that everyone and everything around ethnic minorities is racist and makes the majority white population more conscious about their race and exacerbates feelings of difference, creating a less cohesive society.”

As the UK makes sensible decisions regarding public schooling to protect their children from the latest trends in secular theology, the U.S. moves toward the prosecution of parents who oppose woke ideologies.

Just weeks ago, Attorney General Merrick Garland, with the approval of President Joe Biden and his administration, called upon the FBI to investigate angry parents of schoolchildren as “domestic terrorists” and threats to school board members.

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