Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Trump Calls Out Biden over Fake Vaccine Claim: ‘Either Lying Or Mentally Gone’

'Could he be joking? Because, frankly, that was a very dumb statement...'

Former president Donald Trump roared back with a vengeance this week, less than a month since leaving office.

Of course, given Democrats’ fixation with him, which led to an unprecedented post-presidency impeachment, some might argue Trump never really left the public state.

However, with his Twitter account now permanently suspended, Trump had maintained a lower profile until his acquittal on Saturday, when he promised a return with a “vision for a bright, radiant, and limitless American future.”

Now, it seems, the Republican leader is fast eclipsing his low-energy successor in dominating the news cycle yet again.

Trump called into Fox News on Wednesday to pay respects to longtime ally Rush Limbaugh following the conservative icon’s death that morning.

He also issued a blistering response to recent attacks from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and he hinted at the possibility of developing a new social-media platform.

During an Wednesday night call to Newsmax, Trump issued what might be his most prominent direct criticism of Biden since leaving office—although it bore the same hallmarks as his frequent election-season attacks on Biden’s mental alacrity.

Trump ripped into a falsehood Biden uttered during a Monday-night CNN town hall, in which he claimed not to have been in possession of a vaccine when his administration took over, according to Zero Hedge.

“I saw that he said there was no vaccine when he came into office, and yet he got a shot before he came into office,” Trump told Newsmax host Greg Kelly.

“It was already in early November when we announced it, but we actually had it substantially before that,” he continued. “We were giving millions of shots and millions of doses.”

Left-friendly fact-checkers such as the Washington Post‘s Glenn Kessler, soliloquized at length over the fact that Biden’s patently false claim was one of the gaffe-prone president’s many accidental misstatements.

But Trump noted that citing Biden’s dementia to forgive his lying hardly presented a more appealing alternative.

“[H]e’s either not telling a truth, or he’s mentally gone, one or the other,” Trump said. “Could he be joking? Because, frankly, that was a very dumb statement.”

Suffice it to say, Trump corrected the record—a point of pride for his administration given the historic speed with which he was able to mobilize private industry through his “Operation Warp Speed” to come up with multiple vaccines that had high rates of effectiveness.

Yet, the Left’s effort to deny credit to him—including the decision by Pfizer and Moderna to wait until immediately after the election before announcing their vaccines—also was a bit of a sore spot for Trump supporters, many already leery of the politicization surrounding the virus and the vaccine.

Trump relished in the fact that even some “fake news” outlets had called out his successor over the outlandish claim.

“Biden’s being killed on that whole thing,” Trump said. “Even the haters are saying, you know this vaccine was announced long before. He is getting lit up on that one.”

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