Tag: FISA Court

Supposedly Reliable Steele Acted ‘Crazy,’ His FBI Handler Says

(Eric Felton, RealClearInvestigations) “Crazy” was the term the FBI agent used to describe the behavior of Christopher Steele, author of the now-debunked Trump-Russia dossier. “I've seen...

Jordan, Meadows Demand FISA Court Explain Why Obama Hack Will Oversee Reforms

David Kris 'has frequently defended the FBI’s existing electronic surveillance practices'... (Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Two House Republicans have sent a letter to the Foreign Intelligence...

Meadows Wants Obama Hack OUT as FBI Overseer for FISA Reforms

'We are also looking at this when it comes to renewing the FISA process within Congress...' (Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Mark Meadows, R-NC, said...


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