Saturday, March 2, 2024

Spain’s Top ‘Equality’ Official Claims Childrenx Have a ‘Right’ to Sex w/ Adults

'Children can love or have sexual relations with whomever they want to, based of course on consent...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Spain’s far-left “minister of equality,” Irene Montero, claimed earlier this week that children have a right to have consensual sexual relations with adults.

The Spanish bureaucrat began her rant by noting that families have no claim over their children.

“Regardless of who their families are because all the boys the girls the childrenx of this country have the right—have the right—to get to know their own bodies,” she said in Spanish, notably using the non-gendered niñes to refer to children instead of niños.

“To know that no adult can touch their body if they do not want them to … that is a form of violence,” she continued.

Her words implied that if children did not object to pedophilia, then it is acceptable.

Montero continued on to proclaim openly that pedophelia was permissible, under circumstances of consent.

“Children can love or have sexual relations with whomever they want to, based of course on consent,” she said.

When Montero was later given a chance to clarify her position, she declined.

Despite such open promotion of insanity, pro-values conservatives in America and elsewhere have been censored for criticizing the efforts of child-groomers, with their objections being dismissed as a far-right conspiracy theory.

Last month, for example, a YMCA facility banned an 80-year-old woman for confronting a male pervert who was watching young girls change in a female locker room.

“There were gaps in the curtain and there I was, naked, with soap and water on me, and this guy, right there very close to me,” the 80-year-old Julie Jaman said.

“I asked, ‘Do you have a penis?’ He said, ‘That’s none of your business,’” she continued. “That’s when I told him, ‘Get out of here, right now.’”

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