Monday, June 5, 2023
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SELLERS: Media’s ‘Propagandemic’ Makes Ghosts, UFOs More Plausible than Fake News

'While the old books on supernatural phenomena were all rooted in some kind of evidence ... the new Biden era is a truly phantasmagorical reality...'

Few things fascinated me more as a child than reading about the paranormal.

The library at my primary school had a special corner of a shelf tucked away for the 001.9’s—the Dewey Decimal designation for unexplained phenomena.

I would gravitate toward it to read over and over the books about ghosts, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle and, of course, UFOs. They promised a universe beyond the limits of our common understanding, a gray area unbeholden to the otherwise sharply delineated boundaries of fiction and nonfiction.

During my recent (thankfully reinstated) vacation, I even availed myself of the opportunity to do a ghost tour of Charleston, SC.

I didn’t see any specters; but, nonetheless, it was a night well spent, and I walked away with a much deeper historical understanding and appreciation of the city than when I started—not of the spiritual plane but the human one.

It is strange, thus, with the Pentagon’s impending confirmation of UFO sightings, that this seems the least interesting of all the mysteries currently dominating the news cycle.

A report on the government’s official UFO knowledge, expected to be released this week, is not likely—in my opinion—to yield any earth-shattering new insights.

It all feels a bit too contrived and calculated—resting, first and foremost, on the assumption that these unidentified flying objects are extraterrestrial in origin. But in a world racing to make drone warfare the new normal, our intrinsic global concern should far eclipse the extrinsic one from outer space.

Perhaps the whole goal in acknowledging these unknown aircraft is to acclimate the public to the idea that such objects may soon consume the skies—and to reassure us that there’s “nothing to see here.”

Or maybe it’s to distract from even greater conspiracies—like swapping the cover-up in Roswell with the one in Wuhan as the world’s biggest unconfirmed open secret.

Or perhaps the idea is for UFOs to arrive in 2022 with Democrat ballots in tow and for blue states to insist that these interstellar migrants be given the right to vote under Biden’s proposed amnesty plan.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clearly part of a growing propagandemic™ that selectively feeds our soundbyte culture with tidbits of information on a need-to-know basis—that “need” belonging entirely to whoever is doing the manipulating.

The false framing of stories reported in media has now resulted in fiction having fully overtaken fact at many mainstream outlets.

Scratching the thin veneer of what passes for journalism reveals entire powder kegs of leftist lies piled upon one another so haphazardly that some are now meta-lies: disinformation about how the other side’s skepticism of the original lies is a conspiracy theory.

Ironically, the satirical Babylon Bee has become one of the least ironic sources for rational, accurate information. It recently lampooned so-called fact-checking sites like Snopes with a new designation of “False for Now,” denoting stories that are dishonestly “debunked” due to the threat they pose to Democrats’ officially sanctioned dogma.

The unraveling of the coronavirus‘s origin narrative was the latest in a long streak of corrections and clarifications as part of the media’s magpie-eating contest.

It follows the sheepish validation of facts about the Hunter Biden laptop and the Burisma scandal; the deaths of Ashli Babbitt and Brian Sicknick during the Jan. 6 MAGA revolt at the US Capitol; many different threads involving the Russia-collusion hoax; Taliban bounties on US military; the media fakery surrounding Jussie Smollett and the Covington Catholic teens… The list goes on.

This shoddy track-record alone should give pause to any who have bought into the Adam Schiff-crafted yarn about the “Big Lie” of vote fraud being a non-factor in the 2020 election.

In many cases, the media did not simply report, but seemed to invent whole-cloth the smear attacks on conservatives that it was later forced to retract.

In others, outlets contorted their claims to deny damaging information from getting disseminated, despite the blatant evidence to support it.

While the old books on supernatural phenomena were all rooted in some kind of evidence, which one could choose to accept or reject as plausible, the new Biden era is a truly phantasmagorical reality in which facts are suppressed and ‘evidence’ is reverse-engineered to fit the claim.

During a visit to Scotland, 20 years ago next summer, I couldn’t help but heed the call to visit Loch Ness.

Although some seed of hope in my mind told me I might have a Nessie encounter, my prefrontal cortex prevailed, reminding me that it was but a flight of fancy. It was, in the end, a glorified bus trip and boat ride that I thoroughly enjoyed, if only for the scenery and the experience.

Nonetheless, I fully expect some future news cycle to report with a straight face that scientists now fear climate change is the real reason Nessie is facing extinction.

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