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Notorious School Where ‘Gender Theory’ Began Pushes Advocacy of Child Prostitution

'I don't know if I'd even ask this question if this was being livestreamed...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University, considered America’s first research university, has many dark and seedy secrets in its storied past.

The school, opened in 1876, had early ties to Yale University’s notorious Skull and Bones society, and it was where progressivist John Dewey—who, for better or worse, developed the framework for America’s current public-education system—first got his ideas.

Thus began its sordid connection with the modern-day groomer movement, which has overtaken public education in parts of the country.

Several blue states are now actively choosing to forgo emphasis on academic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic, instead using their platforms and authority in an effort to indoctrinate their captive audiences as part of a social-engineering experiment.

That includes controversial topics such as “gender theory”—another idea that emerged from Johns Hopkins in one of its darkest periods, during the 1950s and ’60s, when sexologist John Money attempted the first failed gender transition experiment on an infant boy, David Reimer, following a botched circumcision.

Recently, the university redefined the term “lesbian” to exclude any mention of women.

After being on the cutting edge of disturbing pedagogical trends for more than a century, Johns Hopkins may also offer a clue as to where progressives intend to lead it in the coming decade, when one radical professor hopes to see schools replaced by brothels.

Johns Hopkins associate history professor Jules Gill-Peterson—a so-called transgender scholar—recently advocated for underage sex workers while participating in a panel discussion at the Socialism 2023 Conference in Chicago.

In audio captured by undercover journalist Karlyn Borysenko, Gill–Peterson answered a question about the “children’s liberation vision,” according to Campus Reform.

An audience member claiming to be a “sex work activist” alleged that the “child sex panic” and “child sex trafficking conspirac[ies]” of the 1990s had raised questions about what role children could play in the “utopia.”

“I don’t know if I’d even ask this question if this was being livestreamed,” the groomer, going by the name “Chanel,” admitted.

“You are rolling into a lot of trouble when you start talking about the rights of young people in the sex industry,” added Chanel. “But young people in the sex industry deserve and need rights at a minimum actually liberation and justice.”

Gill–Peterson insisted that children in foster care and living on the streets should be able to provide for themselves by prostituting themselves, and acknowledged that people who are against child prostitution were “impossible to reckon with.”

“If you’re part of a project trying to think about the young people’s role in the sex industry, one of the ways you might feel like you’re going to be able to lend time and energy to that effort is if it doesn’t feel like you could be hung up to dry alone for it. Right?” Gill–Peterson responded.

The panel also addressed the possibility of eradicating the age of consent.

Borysenko, who wrote about the panel on a Substack blog, said that the rest of the discussion concerned liberating children from their parents, and the rights of children as if they were capable of making informed decisions.

The same socialist conference also included an appearance by Emily Drabinski, the president of the American Library Association, who said classrooms and public libraries both should be used as gathering spaces for radical subversives to promote “socialist organizing.”

Two of the other “luminaries” in attendance were former Weather Underground domestic terrorists Angela Davis and Bill Ayers, now both considered by the Left to be prestigious academics.

Davis, who also was affiliated with the Black Liberation Movement of the 1960s, made headlines recently after it was revealed that she had ancestors who arrived on the Mayflower.

Ayers, meanwhile, is best known for having groomed one young man in particular: future President Barack Obama.

Headline USA’s Ben Sellers contributed to this report.

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