Friday, July 12, 2024

Rush Limbaugh’s Ukrainian Prophesy

'All you have to do is replace Obama with Biden and Limbaugh's prophesies shine through... '

(Gregg Pupecki, Headline USA) There may be gas shortages, but there are certainly no shortages in propaganda flying around in the media. It’s hard to decipher what reports are based in fact and which are generated to deceive.

Are we being brainwashed into a war with Russia, or is the Biden Administration acting as predicted? At times like these, we had the luxury of tuning into the “Rush Limbaugh Show” to get these complex situations analyzed and broken down into digestible nuggets of truth. 

We hear a void on the radio, now more than ever, left by the loss of this broadcasting legend. The EIB golden microphone may not be on air, but the archives live on. We can search back in time and listen to Rush Limbaugh as he described the Ukraine and Russia conflict over Crimea.

Eight years ago to the day on March 13, 2014, Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the Obama/Biden’s administration response to Russia annexing Crimea from Ukraine.   

Rush stated what Obama/Biden believed, “He doesn’t think we have any moral authority to stop Putin.”

“Who are we?” Limbaugh said. “If Putin wants Crimea and we don’t, who are we to say no? If the Iranians want a nuclear bomb and we’ve got some, who are we to say no? That’s how he looks at it. That’s how a lot of young people look at it.

“But the whole idea of the United States as the outpost, the bastion, the beacon of freedom is rejected by many on the left, for a host of reasons,” Limbaugh said.

“They look at freedom as being imposed on people, and I do not think you can impose freedom. That’s contradictory to me. Freedom is not an imposition. Freedom is a grant. Freedom is the nature of our creation, and that is in the preamble of our own Declaration of Independence.”

Limbaugh laid out the Obama/Biden doctrine for military action to support Ukraine in simple language that sums up where we are today. He portrayed the Obama/Biden messaging to Ukraine, “You’re on your own, you’re on your own, but we want you to know that as you’re on your own, we support whatever you’re doing while you’re on your own. And while you’re on your own doing whatever, just know that, my God, we’re thinking of you.” 

Those words ring true today, as Biden tells Ukraine we are on your side while simultaneously blocking the donation of Polish jets to Ukraine.

All you have to do is replace Obama with Biden and Limbaugh’s prophesies shine through.

“Obama doesn’t think that the United States is any different than any other nation,” Limbaugh said. “And if Putin wants Ukraine, then it’s not for us to stop him.

“But he knows that he’s president, and he knows that some Americans believe that the US should have and should play the role of outpost for freedom and defender of liberty.

“So he’ll go through the motions of drawing the red line and trying to, you know, intimidate these other — “You better not do that or else you’re gonna deal with me.” Of course then nobody ever has to deal with him.”

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