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Newly Unsealed Epstein Docs Offer Damning Details of Depravity

'She is 2x8 years old not blonde...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Nearly 200 pages of newly unsealed documents from Jeffrey Epstein’s 2006 criminal investigation in Florida have brought to light disturbing insights into his sexual assault of young girls. 

These documents, made public following a law signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis mandating their release after July 1, shed light on frequent phone calls from prominent individuals and offer harrowing accounts of abuse. 

According to the documents, Epstein allegedly paid between $200 and $300 for sexual encounters.

According to a screenshot, one of Epstein’s assaults involved him entering a room with a girls, who posed as masseurs. In one instance, he instructed her to remove her clothes before proceeding with the assault.

“He would then remove his towel, lay down naked on the massage table, and direct the girl to remove her clothes,” the file read. “He then would perform one or more lewd, lascivious and sexual acts, including masturbation and touching the girl’s vagina with a vibrator.” 

According to the documents, Epstein allegedly paid between $200 and $300 for sexual encounters.

The records, first reported by Twitter pages @Amuse, @ShadowsofEzra and @TrahsDiscourse,” indicate consistent communication with figures like magician David Copperfield, model scout Jean-Luc Brunel, and Bath & Body Works CEO Les Wexner.

Luc Brunel died in a French prison in 2022. At the time, he was under custody pending a criminal investigation into rape and sex trafficking of minors, NPR reported.

Copperfield has been accused by 16 women that he sexually assaulted them, according to a May 2024 report by the Guardian. More than half of the women said they were under age when the assault occurred.

One of Epstein’s victims claimed she had sex with Wexner “possibly” over 5 times, according to NBC News 24.

One note from Brunel to Epstein reads, “He has a teacher for you to teach you how to speak Russian. She is 2×8 years old not blonde. Lessons are free and you can have 1st today if you call,” a note from Luc Brunel to “Jeffrey,” reads.

Another entry in Copperfield’s phone log states, “It’s jackpot.” No further details are immediately available. 

In another exchange, a message from “Jean-Luc” to “JE,” reads, “He just did a good one – 18 years. She spoke to me & said ‘I love Jeffrey.’” 

Another document also references a contact simply listed as “Harvey.” 

These files stem from Epstein’s state investigation, where he pleaded guilty to charges of procuring a person under the age of 18 for prostitution and solicitation. Epstein later faced federal charges in 2018 in both Florida and New York. 

Epstein ultimately killed himself while on federal custody, authorities claimed. 

Joseph Abruzzo, Palm Beach County Clerk, emphasized that the release of these documents aims to “ensure transparency to the people of Palm Beach County that we serve every day, and to the international community that has closely followed the Epstein case.” 

He added, “It is our hope that the release of these records gives peace of mind to our community and gives Jeffrey Epstein’s victims the closure they deserve.” 

Read the batch of documents here: 

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