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Mont. Parents Lose Custody Of Teen Daughter after Opposing ‘Gender Transition’

'Our family has been destroyed by this. We have little to no contact with Jennifer and our rights as her parents have been trampled on...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) A family from Glasgow, Mont., accused the state’s child protective services of kidnapping their teenage daughter who suddenly started identifying as a “transgender boy.”

The parents, Krista and Todd Kolstad, informed Reduxx that the child had been removed from their care and was now going to be sent to Canada.

Krista, the child’s stepmother, said that it all began in August 2023 after they received a call that their 14-year-old Jennifer expressed suicidal ideations while at school.

The same evening, a case worker with Montana Child and Family Services (CFS) showed up at the Kolstad home to speak with Jennifer and do an inspection. While speaking with the CFS worker, Jennifer claimed that she consumed toilet bowl cleaner and painkiller medications that day to commit suicide.

After bringing Jennifer to a local hospital, the doctors revealed that the child hadn’t consumed any toxic substances, as proven by Jennfifer’s medical paperwork.

However, the parents discovered that the hospital notes were consistently mentioning that Jennifer “identifies” as a “male” and wishes to be called “Leo.” Krista and Todd asked the staff to call their child by their birth name, but they told them to contact the hospital lawyers if they don’t like the institution’s “gender” politics.

It was later discovered by the parents that the doctors were also talking to the child about “gender-affirming care.” The on-duty doctor, to whom Krista complained about what happened, dismissed her and another aide gaslighted her by saying that she doesn’t want to “respect” Jennifer’s wishes to be called “Leo.”

Soon after that, the parents were called and informed that the child would be moved to Wyoming. CFS arrived at the Kolstad residence with police 10 minutes later and, on Aug. 23, 2023, the child was moved to Wyoming. Neither of the parents was allowed to talk to their child directly.

On Sept. 25, 2023, the child was returned to Montana and placed in a Youth Dynamics group home.

On Jan. 19, 2024, the court decided to hand custody of the child over to CFS who stated that they plan to give custody over to Jennifer’s birth mother, who currently lives in Canada and never bothered to contact the child when one was living with Krista and Todd.

“Our family has been destroyed by this. We have little to no contact with Jennifer and our rights as her parents have been trampled on,” Krista said.

The parents said that they would continue fighting for their child in court.

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