Monday, December 4, 2023

Militant #MeToo Activist Alyssa Milano Flip-Flops over Biden Rape Accusation

‘#BelieveWomen does not mean everyone gets to accuse anyone of anything and that’s that…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Actress and #MeToo activist Alyssa Milano defended presidential candidate Joe Biden, whom she has endorsed, against an accusation of sexual assault, arguing he should be awarded due process.

“#BelieveWomen does not mean everyone gets to accuse anyone of anything and that’s that,” Milano said on Twitter. “It means that our societal mindset and default reaction shouldn’t be that women are lying.”

Milano cared very little about due process when Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault without evidence.

The former sitcom star marched in protest against Kavanaugh’s confirmation in 2018, insisting that Christine Blasey Ford was telling the truth despite the fact that many of Ford’s “witnesses” contradicted her story, while rallying the rest of Hollywood behind her.

Yet she’s given very little attention to Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade, who actually does have credibility given her former position in Biden’s Senate office and Biden’s long history of “creepy” behavior, as actress Rose McGowan, another #MeToo activist, pointed out.

Instead of acknowledging the potential legitimacy of Tara Reade’s accusation, Milano dismissed it as an attempt to destroy an “innocent” man—a man Milano just so happens to politically support.

This isn’t the first time Milano has ignored accusations made against Biden. Multiple women have blasted Biden for being uncomfortably and inappropriately handsy, but Milano has insisted every time that Biden means no harm.

“I’m a very affectionate person, as well,” Milano said last year.

“I walked onto set a few weeks ago and I kissed my prop guy on the arm, and I had this moment of maybe that made him uncomfortable,” she continued “That would have never crossed my mind before #MeToo. So I think we all have to look at our interactions and proceed cautiously.”

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