Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Mich. 2022 Ballot Recount Shows Possible Illegal Activity by Soros-Owned Sec. of State

'When the ballot bags or boxes were opened, in many instances, there were additional tags or seals that had been placed on this bag or box in previous sealings...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Results from a recount of Michigan’s votes on two ballot initiatives in the 2022 midterm revealed several major irregularities and legal violations that could implicate far-left Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

The Election Integrity Force and America Project launched the project, finding that many of the ballots arriving from voting precincts had been improperly handled and showed evidence of possible tampering, Big League Politics reported.

“When the ballot bags or boxes were opened, in many instances, there were additional tags or seals that had been placed on this bag or box in previous sealings that were not available or readily obvious from the vote total or from the ballot book or from any other place contained within the materials as to why or when this box would have been opened and resealed with a different seal,” said Forensic expert Erich Speckin, who is working with the EIF.

Despite multiple allegations of fraud brought up against election officials after the 2020 election, Michigan’s election laws hardly changed.

Instead, the unholy trio of Benson, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel focused their energies on targeting critics and attempting to punish them with hefty fines and even disbarment.

The three women, who were among the early participants in George Soros’s training programs for political leaders, now have the benefit of a Democrat-led state legislature, assuring even fewer checks on their unconstrained power.

But evidence suggests that such an outcome was not the will of voters.

A final report indicates that 41.5% of the ballot bags and 70% of precincts either did not qualify for recounting or did not match at all.

When working with the state as part of the recount, Speckin also found state officials to be uncooperative.

“As the recount process started, the personnel acknowledged that it was important to confirm that all the ballots that were counted were from the precincts that they were supposed to be from,” Speckin said.

“However, as part of the process, they [Democrat voting officials] would not allow anyone in several of the counties to look at the front of the ballots to confirm, indeed, that the votes that were being counted on the ballot of the ballots were from the correct precincts by viewing the front of the ballot,” he added.

As part of the investigation, volunteers inspected each bag or box of ballots to confirm no one tampered with it. If the packaging was faulty, volunteers did not count the ballots inside.

Volunteers also skipped over ballots that did not match the tally for election night. Investigators have yet to perform a total recount of the collected ballots, but already found scads of evidence of fraudulent activity.

Benson, a former activist with the Southern Poverty Law Center, has not made any comment on the discovery but did recently request $50 million from the state to combat “misinformation” and allow for several changes to Michigan’s voting system.

Proposal 2 is a drastic altering of Michigan voting law, allowing people to vote without ID within the state. It also requires state funded absentee ballot drop boxes, opens up mail in balloting, allows private donations to fund elections and prohibits private election audits.

Proposal 3 made on-demand abortions legal—even for minors. The law also makes it legal for private interests, such as Planned Parenthood, to give minors and adults sex-transitioning hormones and medication.

Headline USA’s Ben Sellers contributed to this report.

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