Monday, December 11, 2023

McAuliffe Accepted $450K from Former Jeffrey Epstein Associate

'I guess if you’re best friends with predators... cozying up to the likes of Ron Burkle is just another day that ends in Y for Terry McAuliffe...'

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has received at least two six-figure donations from a former associate of Jeffrey Epstein, according to campaign financial records obtained by Fox News.

Ron Burkle, a billionaire investor who regularly traveled with Epstein and former president Bill Clinton, gave McAuliffe’s campaign another $100,000 in September after donating a previous $100,000 at the end of last year.

McAuliffe launched his political career after first working as a longtime adviser and campaign bundler for the Clintons, as well as heading the embattled Clinton Foundation and acting as chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Burkle also donated to McAuliffe’s campaign the first time he ran for governor, in 2013. With the two campaigns combined, McAuliffe has received more than $450,000 from the investor.

The former Epstein associate was named in the convicted sex predator’s infamous “black book” and private jet log. 

Burkle even has his own private jet that his aides reportedly refer to as the “f*** jet” or “Air F*** One,” according to the Daily Mail

Burkle’s other business associates include disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

In 2010, Burkle invested in Weinstein’s effort to buy back Miramax. He also invested in several of Weinstein’s films, including The Iron Lady, Long Walk to Freedom and August, and Osage County.

Weinstein, who was recently convicted of sexually assaulting multiple women, also gave $32,535 to McAuliffe’s successful 2013 gubernatorial campaign.

McAuliffe’s Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin, slammed him for accepting money from someone with such a questionable background.

“I guess if you’re best friends with predators like Harvey Weinstein and spent decades doing God knows what with Jeffrey Epstein and pal Bill Clinton, cozying up to the likes of Ron Burkle is just another day that ends in Y for Terry McAuliffe,” Youngkin spokeswoman Macaulay Porter said in a statement.

There is no mention of McAuliffe in Epstein’s “black book,” but evidence emerged earlier this year that his good friend, Clinton, traveled with Burkle and Epstein’s co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell, on Burkle’s jet in November 2003.

McAuliffe’s shady background concerning campaign finance dates back to his days with the Clinton campaign.

He notoriously rented out nights in the White House’s Lincoln Bedroom to big-money donors and allegedly helped broker a deal to trade nuclear technology to the Chinese in return for donations.

McAuliffe also was accused in September of accepting a $350,000 donation from a British foreign national, which may have violated longstanding campaign finance laws.

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