Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Matt Walsh Has Epic Takedown of Tenn. Democrat over Underage Genital Removal

'Do you think a 16-year-old can meaningfully consent to having their body parts removed?'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Conservative watchdog journalist Matt Walsh humiliated a Democrat in the Tennessee House of Representatives by confronting him head-on about transgender operations conducted on minors.

The Nashville-based Walsh, a writer for the Daily Wire, has been a leading advocate in exposing and attempting to fight the medical industry’s efforts to normalize controversial transgender surgeries, including bombshell revelations about how hospitals view the burgeoning practice as a cash cow that could potentially replace abortion.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Democrat Rep. Caleb Hemmer, a member of the House Health Committee, tried to catch Walsh in a contradiction, which then backfired on him, the Right Scoop reported.

Hemmer unearthed a blog post Walsh had written 14 years ago, in which he said that, in the eyes of many states, 16-year-olds are capable of making mature decisions like getting married.

The lawmaker then argued that, by Walsh’s own logic, teens ought also to be able to make decisions regarding the permanent dismemberment of their bodies.

Walsh dismissed the “gotcha” attack by noting that his comment was within the context of people marrying young—once a commonplace practice.

In response, Hemmer asked whether, in Walsh’s view, people should be considered adults at age 16, to which Walsh pointed out that human brains were not fully developed until age 25.

Thus, Walsh noted, it was “absurd” to allow those younger than the legal adult age of 18 to make such decisions, and then turned the tables back on Hemmer.

“Do you think a 16-year-old can meaningfully consent to having their body parts removed?” Walsh asked, followed by a dramatic pause. “Do you?”

The stunned Hemmer sat in silence until awkwardly rescued by Republican Committee Chair Bryan Terry, who responded, “We ask the questions,” before moving on to another lawmaker.

Walsh’s fiery opening comments of his testimony also drew the ire of Democrats, angered that he would speak openly against the lucrative industrial complex of so-called “gender affirming care.”

“She does not need hormone injections and scalpels,” Walsh said of a confused young girl. “She needs—and deserves—to be protected from those child-abusing quacks and vultures who wish to exploit her confusion for their own gains.”

In a shameless display, leftists in the Tennessee House also brought in transgender children to speak about their right to surgical procedures.

“All of the doctors in my area have stopped accepting new patients out of fear for this bill,” said transgender teen Elliot Atwood.

“The process is a slow one, and providers are cautious,” Atwood continued. “I’ve known who I am for most of my life, and still, I haven’t been able to access this kind of medical care.”

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