Thursday, July 18, 2024

Leftist Abortion Narrative Hits a Snag, Women More in Favor of Restrictions

'According to the poll, only 25% of women supported abortion at 23 weeks or more... '

(John McCann, Headline USA) Flying in the face of what was thought to be conventional wisdom, a new survey found that women are more likely to be against abortion on demand.

Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many pundits made the argument that Democrats were given a political lifeline. Democrats would use the issue to galvanize their demoralized base and raise ample funds. While some surveys saw  a modest boost, it was seemingly short-lived.

The Democrat strategy/messaging is hanging on the dubious notion that “women won’t stand for this.” But, as Townhall reported, this assumption seems to be misplaced.  The pundit class, inundated with abortion activists, seems sure that women will rise up in defense of abortion rights. The numbers tell a different story.

A Harris/Harvard poll found that around half the country supports a prohibition of abortions after six weeks. A 15-week ban is even more popular, boasting a super-majority of support. But, the most eye-catching statistic lies in the disparity between the genders.

According to the poll, only 25% of women supported abortion at 23 weeks or more. This compared to 31% of men. When it came to 15 weeks or more, 75% of women agreed that any point after 15 weeks was wrong. This outpaced men, who sat at 69%.

It turns out that the Democrat stance of abortion on demand is grossly out of step with the electorate. And the assumption that women would be abortion’s vanguard looks to be a grave electoral error.

President Biden and a majority of congressional Democrats are now calling for the codification of Roe into federal law. This codification would ensure no limitations on the practice, and would prove an extreme measure compared to where the American people stand on the issue.

Critics question as to why Democrats did not protect Roe at the federal level when they had the chance. Vice President Kamala Harris gave a rather haphazard answer to this question in a recent interview. She explained, “I think that, to be very honest with you, I do believe that we should rightly believed, but we certainly believe that certain issues are just settled.”

This not-so-pithy response revealed that somehow, Democrats were blindsided. Despite nearly 40 years of conservative’s efforts to reshape the Supreme Court, and a shift in public sentiment, Democrats really seemed to believe that this day would never come.

Now, they find themselves on the extreme side of the pro-abortion argument and vastly over-estimating the effect the ruling will have on their already dire election prospects. Women will not be coming to their rescue. In fact, they may help nail the coffin.



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