Friday, March 1, 2024

House Republicans Closing on Criminal Referrals for Fauci

'We could do a referral potentially...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) House Republicans are “building the case” to issue criminal referrals against Anthony Fauci for lying to Congress, according to Becker News.

“So, specifically before your committee, and also before Rand Paul over in the Senate, Dr. Fauci has, of course, absolved himself of all funding of gain-of-function,” Benny Johnson of “The Benny Show,” told Jim Jordan.

“He said he doesn’t know anything about it. It is verifiable and demonstrable that he lied. Now, there are codes in Congress. I have a code right here, 18 U.S. Code 1001.”

“Statements — false statements to Congress,” Johnson added.

“Says you can be imprisoned for eight years if you lie to Congress. It seems like there has never been a more clear-cut case of some individual lying to Congress.”

Jordan agreed.

“Yeah, there could be a referral, but you would refer to the Biden Justice Department,” Jordan said.

“I don’t know that — they’re going to pursue that, but you can definitely do that. You could, have to have one of the committees, the Senate Judiciary Committee could do a referral. I doubt they will with the Democrats in charge.”

“We could do a referral potentially,” he added.

“I would, frankly, prefer just to have Dr. Fauci come back in and take another round of questions here, but we’re building the case. You know, like, we had Dr. Redfield testify last week, Chairman Wenstrup did. I thought he was — I thought he was great. As were the other witnesses that were brought in.”

Jordan said that the reason why Republicans need to “take another round of questions” is to lay the “foundation,” adding that he agrees that Fauci and CDC changed the definition of gain-of-function research to “juice up” the virus.

“So, they were doing that in this lab and I think that’s clear,” he said. “So, we’ll just have to see as we move through this investigation.”

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