As Election Lawsuits Advance, Trump Tells Biden He Must Prove He Won Without Fraud

'I won Pennsylvania by a lot, perhaps more than anyone will ever know...'

President Donald Trump said Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden must show that he won the election without fraud if he wants to be inaugurated president.

In recent days, Trump has pointed out the strangely unnoticed figure in the 2020 presidential election: Biden’s alleged 80-million vote victory.

Biden, a senile septuagenarian who hardly left his basement to campaign, shattered Barack Obama’s historic 69.5 million-vote win in 2008, an achievement accomplished by the most popular Democrat since JFK.

The tweet reveals Trump’s commitment to carry the fight against election fraud until the end, despite the state media’s narrative that Trump is golfing and counting his days.

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Attorney Sidney Powell has filed elections lawsuits that allege widespread corruption in Georgia and Michigan.

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign lawyers, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, present Constitution-based lawsuits and attempt to convince state legislatures to decertify their states’ fraudulent results and appoint Trump’s electors.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Trump campaign’s lawsuit to invalidate illegally cast ballots in Pennsylvania, saying that the lawsuit did not even allege fraud, let alone claim that there were enough votes being disputed to overturn the election’s results.

“Calling an election unfair does not make it so,” wrote U.S. Circuit Judge Stephanos Bibas, who Trump nominated, for the three-judge panel that ruled 3-0 on the case. “Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”

After the ruling, Ellis tweeted, “On to SCOTUS.”

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“The activist judicial machinery in Pennsylvania continues to cover up the allegations of massive fraud,” Ellis and Giuliani wrote in a joint statement, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Trump disputed the panel’s findings in a series of tweets that allege massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

Trump also promised a new lawsuit in Wisconsin next week.

State media, the Biden campaign, and Big Tech continue to censor, ignore, or obfuscate allegations of specific and widespread election fraud.

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