‘[We would be better off] if he had simply got into office and did nothing...’

DeSantis Turns Up Heat w/ New ‘Brandon’ Criticism

'He’s lashing out at his staff. He’s blaming other people. He’s blaming the media, even though he gets the most sycophantic media coverage that any president has ever gotten...'

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis shredded President Joe Biden for the disastrous job that he’s done so far, according to Biz Pac Review.

At a signing of the Freedom First Budget, DeSantis started talking about things that every sane American has been thinking about throughout the rule of Biden.

“We have to look at what we’re doing against the backdrop of what’s going on in Washington, DC—and particularly, there’s a fella by the name of ‘Brandon’ that people talk about that we have to contend with,” he said.

DeSantis then pointed out that Biden blames everyone but himself for his low approval ratings, even though the media has always been on his side.

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“I see this news report where Biden is so frustrated that his approval ratings are in the toilet,” DeSantis said.

“He can’t understand,” Desantis continued. “He’s lashing out at his staff. He’s blaming other people. He’s blaming the media, even though he gets the most sycophantic media coverage that any president has ever gotten. Compare how they treated Trump with how they treat Biden. It’s night and day.”

DeSantis then said that Biden was just trying to make excuses for the things that he has done to this country.

He began the list of Biden’s dubious “accomplishments” with his “war” on American energy independence.

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“You see record gas prices in the United States? Well, that’s a big reason why—because of his policies,” he said.

The next thing DeSantis pointed out was inflation.

“You look at what they did in terms of fiscal and monetary, printing and borrowing trillions and trillions of dollars,” he said. “What did you get for that? The most sustained inflation this country has seen in over 40 years.”

Even Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently admitted that her predictions about inflation were wrong.

However, printing new money and devaluing the existing currency was not the only thing that Biden did to the economy.

“He advocated for and imposed mandates and restrictions related to COVID, including having people fired from their job based on getting a COVID jab or not,” DeSantis said. “That has had a hugely negative impact on the economy.”

DeSantis then mentioned another cause of the economic catastrope: the failure to anticipate or find solutions for supply-chain shortages of basic essentials like food, gas and baby formula.

“He failed to take leadership and take decisive action to alleviate the supply chain crisis that we’ve seen, really beguiling not only this country but places around the world,” DeSantis said.

Biden is the reason why all of those things happened, and, in DeSantis’ opinion, it would’ve been better if he just remained in his basement in Delaware.

The country would be better off “if he had simply got into office and did nothing,” DeSantis said.

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