Friday, January 27, 2023
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House Democrats Push to Turn ‘Pedophile,’ ‘Groomer’ into Anti-LGBT Slurs

'It is alleging that a person is criminal somehow and engaged in criminal acts merely because of their gender identity, their sexual orientation, their gender identity...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) During a recent Congressional hearing about anti-LGBT violence, an elected Democrat officeholder claimed that the terms “pedophile” and “groomer” are discriminatory, Summit News reported.

Rep. Katie Porter, D-Calif, proclaimed the evils of such terminology, arguing that using the language of groomers and pedophiles could make groomers and pedophiles sad.

“You know, this allegation of ‘groomer’ and ‘pedophile,’ it is alleging that a person is criminal somehow and engaged in criminal acts merely because of their gender identity, their sexual orientation, their gender identity,” Porter said, herself seeming to conflate the issues of LGBT sexual identity and child predation, which may be correlated in some cases.

She then went on to make baseless claims that violence against LGBT people was the result of conservative opposition to pedophilia and other sexual deviancies.

“This is not just about what happens online. What happens online translates into real harms in people’s lives,” Porter proclaimed.

Although opportunistic Democrats pounced on a recent shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs to support their case for regulating anti-pedophile rhetoric, their claim that the two were related fizzled after the shooter revealed themself to be non-binary.

Despite claiming a statistical rise in attacks against LGBT community members—and transgenders in particular—as well as the anecdotal perception of being under attack, the leftist press has been dismayed to find few of the alleged assaults being prosecuted as “hate crimes” since many involve ulterior motives related to drugs and prostitution.

But that hasn’t stopped Porter and others from repeating the lie until it becomes the truth.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Democrats paraded a large group of woke weirdos, who openly demanded that every American be as miserable as them.

Democrats rolled out professional sexual activist Olivia Hunt, who claimed that “misuse of the term ‘groomer'” on social media has caused and will continue to cause the most evil thing the left can imagine: violence.

“There’s a straight line … from the legislation trying to strip trans people of our human rights to [this] increasingly hostile .. rhetoric,” Hunt continued before noting that there is a direct connection between separating the sexes in sports and violence against gays and lesbians.

“There is a straight line that can be drawn” between banning boys from girls sports “to the acts of violence that have taken far too many lives,” she said.

Pushes to “normalize” such perversity have been around in the United States—especially in the universities—for decades.

But now it seems that such ideas have taken root in the larger culture. For example, even the YMCA is partaking in groomer culture and punishing anyone who objects.

Before red-pilled billionaire Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the social media giant was also engaged in the censorship of groomer language, even while allowing some 10 million instances of child sex-abuse to be viewed on its platform.

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