Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Democrats Want $2.5 Billion for ‘Tree Equity’

'To achieve full Tree Equity, we need to plant and grow 522 million trees across urbanized America...'

The Biden administration and far-left Democrats have taken the term “equity” to a new level of ludicrous extreme.

Section 11003 of President Biden‘s “Build Back Better” spending bill included the allocation of $2.5 billion dollars towards “tree equity” and “increasing community tree canopy,” Steve Scailse pointed out on Twitter.

“$2,500,000,000 to provide multi-year, programmatic, competitive grants… for tree planting and related activities to increase tree equity and community tree canopy and associated societal and climate co-benefits, with a priority for projects that benefit underserved populations,” the bill said.

According to American Forests, a nonprofit focused on conservation, “tree equity” is the idea that trees are essential infrastructure.

“Much like buildings, streets and sewer lines, trees are critical infrastructure that improve our quality of life,” the American Forests website reads. “Simply put, Tree Equity is about ensuring there are trees in every part of every city.”

They also argued that tree population is more dense in wealthy, urban neighborhoods. This deprives underprivileged neighborhoods of the benefits trees provide and causes higher rates of heat stroke and rising utility costs.

Essentially, tree equity is necessary to slow climate change and improve living conditions in the poorer neighborhoods of American cities. according to the unicorn dreams of ultra-radical environmentalists.

“To achieve full Tree Equity,” American Forests continued, “we need to plant and grow 522 million trees across urbanized America.”

The Biden administration has not commented as of this writing. Scalise has been attacked for bringing attention to this issue.


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